Entities who are enemies

In books I’ve read, I keep reading warnings about calling two spiritual entities in the same ritual who do not get along. These books almost never list examples.

So other than African Traditional Religions, can someone list a few specific spiritual entities we shouldn’t incorporate into the same ritual? Or maybe a link to a website that already has a list?

Raphael, according to legend (And Raphael himself), smote Azazel and bound him in the desert. While that was a while ago I can imagine if they see each other there may be beef.

Honestly though if you have preformed the rights of omnipotence and you truly understand in that moment that you are the one calling the shots it shouldn’t be a problem. They will be like two coworkers who don’t get along and you, the boss, calling a team meeting. They may not like each other but they will have to play nice.

Orismen is right, research Divine Authority, once you understand that and how to raise power through the Invocation of Omnipotence who or what the spirits like is really of little importance. I’m not saying be a dick to them but your calling the power of God or whatever you wish to call of within you and as long as you believe your will shall be done you should be fine.

Archangels have been called as well as God names to compel spirits to obey the magician, your in charge of the operation…until your not.

In Evoking Eternity EA talks about evoking two entities that are inimical to each other. You need to be at the level where your Will can control the power of the entities you call. As TWF and Orismen said. you and you alone are God, and you must be capable of quelling the maelstrom caused by the two opposing forces.