Entities watching you through wildlife?

I tried to do an evocation the other day. As usual (because I am new), I am not sure if I contacted the entity. Also, I made a hand crafted altar (see my avatar photo) and did not bless it or anything. Anyhow, I began hear some random knocking on my roof the following day. Also a piece of wood fell down in my house with no apparent cause. And I also began to get the distinct feeling that an entity was spying on me through a very large beetle insect on my screen. Because of very scary shit I used to experience when I was a Christian, I was a bit nervous. But now that I am looking at this in writing it sounds like I may have simply lost my marbles for a short time and was “looking” for things to scare me. Any thoughts?

No, it’s a reasonably well-established bit of folklore that spirits, gods etc will use animals for their eyes and ears.

If the altar is the one you were talking about consecrating to Azazel, I think he does like his bugs and flies, not in a pestilential way but something else.

I guess they’re pretty weird robotic little alien things, anyway he seems to be interested in them.

Little cool but creepy short story. One time I was working with Hecate and I kept hearing this rustling noise in my house and I was like WTF? I could not find the source of the noise, thought my gas heater was knocking around and making noise. Nope, wasn’t the heater. I checked all over the house, then noise disappeared. But I could only hear the noise when I was not in the same room as the source of it. It got quiet when I got near it.

Okay so, I fall asleep that night then here it is 7:35 a.m. I get woke up the rustling noise but VERY loud this time, I go into my magickal altar room and guess what? There was a fucking big black raven sitting on top of my magickal herbs chest that I had painted with a triple goddess moon symbol. Yeah, the same symbol Hecate has been associated with, and the raven which she is often depicted with on her shoulder.

This bird looks at me and say “CAW-screech” then flies right toward my head and misses me by like 2 inches. It started going ape-shit crazy wanting out of my house and I scared it a little trying to chase it out the door so it started shitting on my things LOL. I did not mean to frighten it but it was flying all over, knocking my figurines off my book shelf, knocking my pillar candle holders off my altar. So I opened the door and commanded it to be gone and it flew out just as I said that.

The door was open the whole time while I was chasing it thru the house and it looked right at the door a few times, but it did not leave until I commanded it to. Some weird stuff huh? And I have no clue how that bird got in my house. I never open any windows, I don’t even like to open my curtains, I like a dark house. But I mean, if it would have flown in thru the door at some point, I think me or hubby (now-ex) would have noticed an 8" tall raven coming in when we did.

It was like this bird just manifested out of thin air! And it was the biggest raven I have ever seen in my life. But, ravens are very special to me too in many personal ways, that’s why I use raven in my username here and my band name, my blog name, etc. The raven is also my totem animal. Yes, I believe in totem animals, I am half Native American. I do a lot of animal and nature based magick and meditations. But this is why I was so drawn to Hecate, because she is almost always drawn with a raven or two on her shoulder or perched on her arm. So I felt an instant deep connection with her when I first learned of her. I have Hecate tattooed on my calf, and her triple goddess symbol on my inner forearm. She is very special to me.

So I believe that gods and goddess can and do use animals sometimes to watch over you, to deliver you messages. Also, one more thing. One time I was in El Paso, Texas with my (now-ex) hubby sitting in his semi truck, he was a truck driver so we traveled all over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and lived in the mini “apartment” in the back of his truck. I did a tarot reading for my hubby trying to prove him wrong that tarot DOES work, he was kind of weirded out at how accurate the reading was.

So then I decide to do a reading for myself and what do you know? I drew a Hecate card for my present card. All of a sudden I hear “caw caw reek reek”. I look out the window and here comes (I shit you not) like 3 dozen ravens in a giant flock, they all landed and perched on the tree in front of our truck and they stayed there for the entire 3 days we were there. The company couldn’t find deliveries nearby for us to pick up and it took 3 days to find my hubby an assignment to do so we just stayed parked in the Target store lot and went in Best Buy playing the game systems on display and rented some Red Box movies and such, but those ravens stayed there the whole time.

When we finally got an assignment and left, I looked out the window behind me and the birds departed from the tree. But then we kept seeing ravens flying by our truck all over Texas in the rural areas and the suburban small towns but when we got to the Dallas/Houston areas, they vanished because it was a gigantic area I guess, maybe they preferred the more nature-esque areas?

Spirits absolutely use wildlife and insects to communicate their presence and observe. In Vodou we look forward such signs especywhen working with the dead. I’ve done ceremonies for the guede where geckos and lizards “come out of the woodwork” and seem to observe the ceremony. Not to mention my “resident” critters that hang out around statues and important places of power on my property. Even the Baron has his spiders that hang around his altar.

There is mention of a also approaching the magical circle in the grimoires as well. Some of my outdoor grimoire work would have manifestion of things like day time birds such as egrets and cranes approaching the circle in the middle of the night.