Entities to force a decision?

So if you remember me, I’m one of the leagues of people who use demons to help with their failing love life!

To keep an obnoxiously long story short, this guy has feelings for me but refuses to do anything about it. Every reading I’ve done for myself, every reading I’ve gotten, shows that he is heavily in my energy but will not make a move (he’s career focused ATM and also is a trauma survivor and generally is bad with his feelings).

I’ve tried subtly coaxing him to do something but he just… doesn’t. He avoids it altogether.

I don’t think me and him are like. 100% destined to be together. I just have a lot of feelings for him and I know the feeling is mutual. And I’d like to either get him to admit it so we can try something new for us or get him to fully leave my life. We’ve been playing games for months, I want a decisive conclusion.

I’ve worked with Michael in attempts to shake him from my energy repeatedly, done cord cuttings, etc. He’s still lingering. I don’t even care if he comes back to me anymore (though obviously that would be nice), I just want this shit to finally have a decisive bow on it where the truth is revealed and we can both either come together or come apart.

I’ve been considering Dantalion but I’m curious to see anything else anyone else has as a suggestion. Maybe Belial to light a fire under him?

TL;DR: Who should I work with to reveal hidden feelings and kickstart either a new beginning or new ending?

I recently started working with Beleth because my son’s father refused to open up to me and tell me what was on his mind and in his heart. Just recently he’s been opening up to me, feeling more comfortable and leas vulnerable talking to me now. Maybe give Beleth a try.

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Before working in your mental or conscious area, work your emotional area or your subconscious. If you apply the projection of your energy in the mental area, the effect you wish to obtain will not last for a longer time, it will not be permanent or it will have stability since, because it is a suggestion, what you are trying to apply will be debated by the willpower the internal self of the objective and therefore will not give permanence to their work because it is not natural not typical of the being of the involved.

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I actually was looking at Beleth the other day. Thank you very much for the suggestion, I’ll look into that. I’m happy for your success by the way :dizzy:

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I can hear what you’re saying, yeah. I was gonna go work with Dantalion and Belial after writing up this post but was having a hard time finding their sigils in my collection while Asmoday’s kept popping up. I opened his sigil instead and requested him to remove what binds me and to help me stop obsessing over the situation.

I know that’s not really his purpose, but he is known for taking men from women, so… haha. I’ll let that work for a while, keep meditating, and see if I’m ready (or if I even want) to work with more direct “manipulative” actions. Thanks for the advice!

Much success to your management! the best for you

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