Entities that can open up doors for travel?

i have a friend who lives in another country and we’ve been setting up a way for her to visit for a while but she’s been having visa issues. what entity would be good to summon for the process of her traveling over here to be easier?

Bathin helps transport people across countries specifically. I would recommend him primarily.

Shaz and Seere can transport, also, but Bathin is specifically says to transport people.

Fourth Pentacle of Venus can force a person to come to your location.

The Second Pentacle of Mercury can grant pretty much anything, and I’ve used it for transporting a person before.


I’ve recently realised how good Hermes is at a lot of things, and this is another of them. He also adds a layer of ease to communication on the journey, which is helpful for dealing with public transport staff, and should smooth getting through security in airports.

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