Entities that can manipulate thoughts

Hi All…

Can you recommend any entities who excel at thought manipulation?

Basically I want my ex to forget any bad ideas she had about me and focus more on my positives.

I know king paimon is a master of thought manipulation but I doubt he will be willing to interfere if it’s a love/lust matter

Ask him, who knows, he might find it amusing.

Also try working with King Paimon and King Belelth, together they are powerful beyond imagination.
Paimon – Influence, Manipulation of thoughts, Grants status
Belelth – Love of men and women, Influence emotions


The only problem with that is my astral senses aren’t sharp enough to have a conversation… what I usually do is ask for signs preferably in a dream.

I don’t think I should work with King Beleth yet since im already working with prince sitri towards the love/lust part of the game.

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I Would defo advise you to work with Duke Dantallion, he can change peoples thoughts at will

Dantallion is my suggestion, as well.