Entities putting "thoughts and words" in mind

So I have found out that many people contact entities in this way.
They invoke the entity. And they quiet there mind and the entity then puts the words and sentences in his/her head. Therefore communication takes place.

  1. So is this true? Do people do this?
  2. Is a magick circle or triangle required to do this?
  3. Can the entity give you detailed instructions or spells or incantations in this manner? Like an entity putting words and thoughts in your brain just doesn’t seem like a lot of communication can take place this way. So just checking.
  4. Is theta/gamma state required for entities to communicate this way?
  5. What would happen if an imposter spirit comes through? How would you check whether the entity is no an imposter? Should I ask for the entity’s name? Will that suffice?

Yes, invocation isn’t even needed. It helps, but at the end of the day having a blank mind will enable you to ‘hear’ what is being said. This is why meditation is important, to train yourself to differentiate between your normal head babble and input from entities, and to be able to clear your mind quickly and at will.

Circles and triangles aren’t required to communicate, usually used for evocation of thsts what you decide to use.

Entities can give complex instructions in this manner. Communication that isn’t channelling wont be 100% concrete. If at all in doubt, ask the question again, or for the entity to repeat that.

Theta/gamma isn’t required, but it can help.

Your last question is the most difficult. Anything could happen. You could ask for a name, but a false entity will give you the name you want instead of it’s own. It is hard to check, with entities you aren’t familiar with.

It all comes down to feeling the energy. One time, Belial was channelling through a friend. I’d been warned of imposters, and didnt trust him. I asked questions to no avail. He held out his hand, and I touched it. The presence, the energy behind the touch, is what let me know it was him and not an imposter. Rarely, will imposters have the density, the pressure, that higher tier spirits will. You can ask for a sigil, but I’ve found spirits that can give false sigils. Your intuition will be the deciding factor in this.


Wow…Thank you so much…Having such great info from someone like yourself is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I had a idea that came up in my head…
What if I put blood on the entity’s sigil (the entities that are known to have sigils) and then invoke them later. Because putting blood on there sigil is like an instant contact.

Like for example, I have never evoked/invoked/contacted King belial. So if I put blood on his sigil right now, and then about an hour later go to invoke him, should that lower the chances for an imposter spirit to come through?

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Whoa now buddy, let’s not get carried away just yet.

Invoking, is sharing headspace. Headspace is very personal, and I dont recommend doing that lightly. One can communicate without being so drastic via telepathy, tarot, pendulums, etc.

Blood on a sigil isn’t necessarily instant contact. Most of the sigils I use, I use blood on, but the blood is more for an opening or empowering of the sigil. Sometimes the entity may not respond immediately.

The intent with which it is used is most important. Blood to open a sigil, wont have the same effect as a blood offering. An offering of blood, will create a much deeper tie to an entity than an offering of alcohol, or food. Be very decisive of who you give what to.

Even be very picky on who you speak to, sometimes just speaking to an entity is enough for an implied agreement. Remember to be legal in your speech, so nothing takes advantage of that. I learned those two lessons the hard way.


XD Got it…
Thank you so much!!!
I have been reading what you said for the last 5min lol…Just letting it sink in Thanks a bunch

They can also make you forget stuff just to annoy you, my succubi love to play like if they were the guy of the South Park bank: “there you have your marvelous understanding of the universe and… it´s gone!” My incubus never does that because he is so sweet :heart: However, later they remind me of the thing they made me forget and it somehow comes back to my conscious mind, as it was never erased, just “hidden”, like those programs that make erased archives come back. I guess that this is how demons like Orias, Dantalion and Buer work, which is also the way Uriel works.


I do this constantly with my succubus. Yes it dose work but you have to get over the doubt that you are the one saying the things. When I first started doing it I always thought that I was just thinking of words but then a sentence came to mind and I thought about it. Lo and behold it was my succubus talking to me the whole time.

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