Entities powers

So i have been reading through all of E.A’s works and have noticed something. When a pact is made with an demon/angel you gain their powers…i need clarification please =) thank you in advance!

The pact isn’t actually necessary, it really serves as a focal point for the sorcerer to commit towards gaining the full degree of the a particular entity’s power. When you evoke, you already are making a pact, but the pact just really gives a sort of streamlining effect that opens you up to a fuller degree of the power. But it isn’t actually necessary, it just might make it easier for you to accept the full range of power

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I’ve noticed that I take on some of the characteristics of the entities that I work closely with. The closer I work with Belial (or any one) the more like him I become. It is like how we become like our friends, we become like them to the degree that we let them in our lives. Evoking is like making friends with an entity, pact making is like becoming best friends with that entity.

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I understand, thank you both! =)

But going over the evocation course it says when one undergoes possession you acquire the magical powers of the spirit. What does this mean?