Entities or spells or both

Do we really still need tradional spells once we have built a relationship with an entity or entities?

I cannot see that there is anything a Goetic demon couldn’t do that would be solved by candle magic for example.

Please discuss

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it happens to me with lucifer that with only a candle and a little visualization things work and I am sure that it is because of the trust and the relationship that I have with him. So yes, your theorie seem right to me


from what ive seen, you often get faster results when you rely on your own power versus calling up an entity, because you’re essentially cutting out the middle man. im reminded of EAs experience with structuring objects and money…versus asking entities to get it for him. He ended up getting more than what he asked for at a faster rate than what he’d normally get it at. So if you’re an experienced magician, you’re better off using spells


Interesting - was this is a book or video?

both i think, but im specifically talking about his video course on evocation

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In my opinion, if the entity wants to help you, and truly help you, they can work faster then regular spells. I Have seen demons work at lightening speed. However what I personally do for EVERY working; I evoke said entity, call upon the planets on the correct moon cycle, and do the spell in the entities presents… combination of 3. At times, I will create a sigil and incorporate chaos as well. 4 powers for 1 working.


I am no longer able to use candles nor have the available time or space. I have been working with entities and I meditate using the dark matter space I create my sanctuary and shrine.

Well, I guess you could have entities do all your magickal tasks for you, but do not be surprised when one or more turn on you in order to teach you a lesson. Many of them are happy to help, but most will kick your butt if they get the idea that you are becoming dependent on them; or worst, demand worship.


Deamons are good helpers, however they are building blocks to nudge us forward. If we only ever rely on deamons then we never truly advance. Unfortunately, that is very common here to only do deamon work. I believe spells to be capable of more power than anything since it has to come through ourselves rather than some cosmic beasty.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love them cosmic beasties.


I think they’ll match your efforts

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