Entities or spell to help with body image?

I’ve been trying to gain weight for a few months now and none of my methods have worked. bulk eating, working out, protein smoothies, etc.

If I’m going to be honest the general thought of food disgusts me. I want to be able to eat more, but I can’t bring myself to it. Even with me eating more, I’m constantly nauseous due to excess food and not really desiring it. I guess being forced to eat things I didn’t want to as a child took an emotional toll on me.

Is there someone who or a spell that could increase my appetite or lower my metabolism so I can avoid the route of unhealthy gaining through pills, syrups, and other unnatural substances?


I would work with Sartmulu, a spirit of Mars. He can teach you how to exercise you body physically and magically to become strong and healthy.


Can Sartmulu also help with weight loss / body shaping?

I would not go the magical route with this one google “set points in dieting” it will be insightful!

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Thank you!

I would say yes.

Lord Rosier is known for self love, you might could combine them with Dk’s suggestion and take a multi faceted approach to health and acceptance. :woman_shrugging:t3:


A love entity for body image

Pomba Gira, Rashoon, Aphrodite, Hathor


Aphrodite. Definitely Aphrodite.


Could you point me where I could read up on’em? First time I hear of this entity.

You will find him in the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.


When it comes to mental changes within yourself I find techniques of self-hypnosis to be far more effective than going for a full spell or contacting an entity. You are changing your own perception, mind, body within the limits of what you are already capable of doing. You simply need to find the right trigger to set it in motion.

Bit of a long video but it gives an excellent starting point. Little secret is the technique can be used to induce states necessary to perform external workings as well such as contacting actual entities or just about anything else. Just got to pick the right tool for the job.

What about LOA being thanksfull and gratefull that the wrong people have an issue with your weight and the right people recognise your greatness. Try to see its sunny side, maybe you consider a career in nutrition and helping people who have the same problem to stay fit, feel good, have meetings, help eachother and so on

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Maybe consider bonding with a crystal and programming it’s energy to affect our in said manner and keep crystal on you,

So skip breakfast and eat alot right before bed.

Another idea is to programm or bless however you wanna say it on ice to freeze your motabolism and eat the ice regularly you could plan out everything you want it to do to you then create a room inside the ice tray and write the instructions down then write that this effect is named a single word or a short sentence then asoon as your done write that title down on the ice tray to imbue all ice with that effect

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