Entities from parralell universes


So yes we talked about calling alien entities earlier, and I don’t know about the rest of you but I had alot of fun with what I found there and gained a powerful new allie, very rewarding experience. but lets take this a step further.

Think about the multiverse, in theory anything you can think of will exist somewhere out there. This includes any imaginary or fictional entity you may think of too. I imagine if you think about what this means your already drooling at the possibilities right?

Now this is where things get tricky, in other topics we have talked about evoking people like santa clause and D&D entities, but these presumably would be egregores spawned fromt he collective energy of people on this plane. To find the real deal here’s what you will want to do.

Call Azazel or someone else who has access to infinite knowledge (he’s a pretty good middle man for these sorts of things isn’t he?)
, and he can either show you himself how to find who your looking for or can point you to an entity who is good at navigating the multiverse. Then pick something to find, either someone fictional here who really exists out there or just make someone up. And then go find them!

Wanna work with Gandalf or Sauron? I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find them. A demonic assassin who looks like a hamster? It’s gotta be out there somewhere! You can even try making contact with alternate versions fo entities you know, all possibilities are represented somewhere, so if you pick Belial for example, there’s got to be other variations of him out there that the people of this timeline don’t know about, really the sky’s the limit.

I tried doing this experiment today and once again I found something interesting, though he seems to have a hard time communicating with me, maybe because its a japanese deity. I need to use one of my other entities to translate some of what he says.



You have to come to washington so we can go hereeeee



[quote=“Iznel Vervain, post:3, topic:682”]You have to come to washington so we can go hereeeee


What is that place? And is it Washington as in the state or D.C.?