Entities for sending messages?

Could anybody recommend an entity that could directed to appear before a person, either in a dream, a deep meditative state or if they are sensitive enough in waking consciousness to deliver that person a message?

I’ve tried doing something like that with Paralda. I chose him because I thought that an entity related to the element of Air could do what I wanted.
However the other person didn’t see Paralda or any other kind of entity, he just had a dream which was related to the essence of the message.

This sounds like it would suit my purposes. Was the person a spiritualist or sensitivie at all? My “target” should be more than capable of perceiving entities so hopefully that will help

Bardon claims that two magicians with magic mirrors should be able to communicate … though this is probably less useful than cell phones, it does show that it is plausible to send messages through various magickal means.

Yes, the person was sensitive but during that time he wasn’t really able to see the entities, he could only feel their presence.
So if the person you intend to send a message to can perceive entities I think that there will be no problem at all.

I know that it is possible to send a message via telepathy if you do chakra meditation and then imagine that your top three chakras are connected to the other person’s top 3 chakras.

Most excellent. Thank you both for your insight.