Entities for martial arts

I was wondering if anyone here is aware of an entity that can help with martial arts both on the physical and spiritual level.

Not to sound too obvious here, but entities from the martian sphere perhaps? I know Sartmulu can teach you how to make your muscles stronger, maybe he teach martial arts as well? Its worth asking anyway.

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Gahadriel (unsure if that is the correct spelling)… you can find out more about him in Michael ford’s magick of the nephilim… if i’m not mistaken he is the watcher who taught men the blows of death… But the sigils in the book is on ford made up, though it will probably still work as the Azazel sigil is the one I used in my first evocation and it worked…

I’ve read the descriptions of the martian sphere but I couldn’t find an appropriate one. But I’ll try with Sartmulu and see what happens.

I’ll also look at Ford’s book, thanks Icarus.

Ishtar is a Warrior Goddess although she’s related with fertility mainly she’s adopted many other jobs, so I’m sure you could evoke her.

Also Adad, god of the tempests and thunders

Do you know where can I find the sigil for Adad?


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is it’s cuneiform form, taken from Maskim Hul, from Michael W. Ford

The Order of the Voltec published a MS entitled ‘The Crimson Pyramid’ which detailed the invokation of Kali for the circulation of martial energy in preparation for combat.

Djinn is supposed to help with raw physical power (sigil in evoking eternity). Really, all four of the elemental kings have aspects that could greatly aide you in improving your martial prowess.

Djinn (fire) - physical power / explosiveness
Ghob (earth) - endurance / strength / general health
Paralda (air) - quickness / reflexes / wits / learning / prediction
Nichsah (water) - fluidity [“be like water” Bruce Lee] :wink:

I would also speculate that AA Michael or Abaddon would be helpful, as both are combat oriented - Michael for attack and defense, Abaddon for pure destruction and raw physical power.

Xuan Wu - emperor of North Heavens - chinese god of martial arts


"Xuan Wu Dadi (Dark Lord of the North) Lord Xuan Wu (variously called The Dark Lord of the North, The Lord of True Martiality, the North Lord Xuan Wu, Lord Black, The Lord of Black Martiality, etc.) is one of the most widely revered Gods of traditional China, ranking in popularity behind only Guan Yin and Guan Gong. The God is usually depicted in black robes, holding a sword and sometimes wearing a jade belt. His long black hair flows freely down his back.

Lord Xuan Wu is always depicted with a tortoise and a snake, sometimes beneath one of his feet. He is revered as a powerful God, able to control the elements (worshipped by those wishing to avoid fires), and capable of great magic. He is particularly revered by martial artists, and is the ‘patron saint’ of Wudang Mountain in China’s Hubei Province, where he allegedly attained immortality.

So I did try with a spirit which belongs to the martian sphere but it confused me every time. During the training I was receiving various images related to war and fighting in general but that made me lose focus. I supposed that I wasn’t ready yet to work with that kind of entities so I thanked the spirit I had called and I moved on.

I tried with Adad and the results were both good and bad. The good ones were that I had more endurance, I was able to hit my opponent with precision and strength and my reflexes became much better.
But after a certain amount of time had passed it was like I was present in many locations at a time. It’s quite hard to explain but it felt like I was receiving stimuli which weren’t really there.
The first time it happened I stopped the training for a few minutes 'cause I felt that I was going to lose consciousness. The second time and the others that followed I didn’t feel like I was having full control of my body.

So now I am working with Djin. Everything seems to be fine for now and even though it’s going slower I like it because I know that there are things I have to master before calling another entity (like Adad for example) to assist me.

My plan is to call all four Elemental Kings to assist me in my daily training routine but I want to postpone it for a while, until I am sure that I won’t reach a state of confusion or uncontrollable body strength.

Thanks for the update, Nereid! Sounds like an interesting journey so far. :slight_smile:

Yes it is very interesting! In just one week I doubled the time I was able to run on the treadmill before evoking Djin and that makes me feel really good!
When I run, after a few minutes, I can see him in my mind. I see him running by my side and he takes various forms.
During my MA training he tells me sometimes to eliminate my opponent when I get tired or slow down and that really keeps me going.

Good job

Nereid is seems like you found some neat things- I hope your still finding development in this. -just to add a different direction (might mesh well, or might be seen as an offshoot possibility)

in Indonesian Martial Arts there are 3 animal-spirits that actually are possessed and flow (the idea is that the “system-movements” are in harmony with their essence, so one starts to flow through that associated form as the possession happens and the Dr-force is awakened within…
so as they ‘step-fwd’ it integrates. -if just sat there as the possession comes on, one would flail wildly about, as well as fragment one’s attention- thus lose continuity of con (vs a smooth transformation of state into and out of at the end ~continuous con)- at least that is the idea (this develops and layers different movement/styles switching etc. but the basic idea reveals quite a bit, espec from the overlapping mind and “body-energy” state)

part of this if filling up the body with an energy-aspect (related to the animal forms) and sending that into an Eball and then reabsorbing or dispersing (both filling that qual, as well as the lack of that qual: the first is like what EA showed in Divination Course and is in the OAA, while the second is reverse and informs the first)

Separately in Capoeira it is done in a “circle” which enclosed and fills with the Spirit (of the place, of the system, of those that are drawn to “the game” watchers and partics)… and fill up those there and channel through (into and out of- particular through the voice/songs and the instruments- the sounds from are filled with the power) the Axe’
(contact with the ground-the planet to let it know you are there and alive and Swimming)

many of the forms of movement I've come to see in these systems, as well as the Chinese Taoist "Int'l systems" of martial-neigung (8drunkens), are misleading as done smoothly and subtly at a high level it is either very Obvious (that steel-grace flow) or Hidden (as a teacher I've learned from calls it being "a stinker"  -ie if it isn't explained exagerrated and shown to learners not only is it imposs to see, espec when Hidden and subtlized further... 

but easily misinterpreted  (thus the jarring movements seen in many of the demos I've seen of the above system- close but it shatters the building Eflow matrix (the crystal matrix so called, and the long-thread); which blds momentum (and thereby the awakening "intell" that teaches you from within).

in the same way, most of the Entity-relation let alone Energetic Information Learning aspects of these arts are Concealed (for clear reasons, and also just to be obscure.)

Lately I have been trying to combine the powers of Djin and Paralda during my training sessions. Well, I can say that it is a very interesting combination!
I had to face some minor issues in the beginning, for example I felt like I was receiving two different suggestions at once and it was very confusing especially when I had to react fast.
I was able to find some balance between these two entities but another issue arose. I could feel what they were telling me to do, I could see myself executing the moves without any problem but when I had to do the moves in reality I felt like I was super slow, I didn’t have any kind of fluidity in my movement, I can only describe it as some kind of mechanical movement rather than an effortless one.
I’m still working on that, I know it takes time and dedication but I feel confident working with them so far!

As much as the entities can teach you, your body still has to learn through practice. Keep it up, and it will become as fluid as the teachings suggest. :slight_smile: