Entities for assistance with mental health

So I am currently in therapy for mental health and was wondering if anyone knew of any entities who could assist in the healing and possibly multiply the effectiveness of the therapy.

Also @Lady_Eva i haven’t been able to continue the core shamanism work because of things like anxiety and such so this is me trying to get to the point where I can continue without constantly asking you questions as quickly as possible


Hathor has a very gentle and loving energy, especially around self-care and self-acceptance, and moving on from trauma without feeling like you’re “abandoning” your traumatised self, or denying its seriousness (I mention all those for others reading this as well) and would be my first recommendation, since the spirit world is filled with better-known “make you or break you” types of spirits. She’s also a skilled healer. :thinking:

Buer is very great as well, again quite gentle and healing energy, and a good advisor.


Thank you so much! If its not too much bother could I pm you some more personal details?


I had good results with the House of Kel for my depression.


What Pantheon are you looking for specifically?

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This eradicated my anxiety maybe it can help yours?

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@dagar Hmm for me it was Lilith. Also try Hygiea Goddess of healing and health.

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Apollo is very nice,
Chiron is very interesting to work with
Isis is awesome too for healing


Maria Padilha(one of the Pomba Giras). She is powerful, wise and loving/kind. She is reasonable too and a simple request to get to know her can go a long way. Also a potent witch and can undo the confusion and entanglement of the mind and improve health on every level
She likes champagne, flowers, cigarettes, tarot cards


None too specific honestly.

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Do update which spirit helped you well because I need help too for my mental health until I can find a way to go to a therapist.


The Pomba Gira seem to like wine gums candy too. I always give those as part of my offering to them.

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For me at the moment, it’s mainly Santa Muerte and Azazel. Santa Muerte is a wonderful healer and is helping me to heal my trauma and to move on from it. Azazel (itz rel, itz rel Azazel) has a part to play too because he removes the fear, lies, guilt, etc. He also has a nether for depression and other psychological conditions.

If you’re looking to heal sexual abuse or shame issues, I can recommend Ix Chel, the Ghede loa (Papa Ghede) or Santa Muerte.

If it’s self-image related, Astarte, the Pomba Gira, or any of the dark goddesses can help you there.