Entities around me?

Could someone do a reading on me and tell me if I have any entities or any spirits that were/are haunting me? Or anything at all that prevents me from getting far in life?

I always had trouble getting full time jobs in the city where I wanted to move to. Is it possible someone could do a reading on my aura or anything like that and give me an idea of what is going on? Possible maybe someone cursed or hexed me?


Have you looked at uncrossing? My ex put a lot of negative energy towards me and the uncrossing bath for 7 days helped (I used a lot of angelica, wormwood and rose petals)

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So… You’re a woman, right? Correct any part I go wrong, please, maybe I see wrongly.
And how is your husband doing? I see something concerning that. I would send you a PM if I’ve translate this right, do let me know if I do.

I am a guy. And I am single.

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Hahahhaha damn! I knew I was high! Sorry. I tried something sick and it’s having sick effect on me. So that’s why I’m asking to be sure if my translations are correct.


I practiced a ritual to advance some of my skills, though I was warned beforehand it’s strange effect before it can balance but I’m the stubborn type. So I’ve been doing lots of things wrongly an hour after I performed this ritual.

I called the Spirits that gave it to me, he said that’s a sign it’s working. So this rubbish would only last for some hours, i had to do the read on u to check if its all ok or not. I guess it’s not… I have to keep working though so to know if I’m ok.

I apologise once more.

It looks like fluttery things like moths around you, but longer, like made of strips of cloth. That’s just how my brain interprets the energies, it doesn’t mean they literally look like that. Possibly meaning that they’re weak and not a significant threat, but they might feel suffocating, and are crowding you, feeding off the energy they get from your frustrations. Do you know how to do the LBRP?

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Hehe. Win some loose some. At least you tried.

Some scammy fortune teller in Canada bilked thousands of dollars out of people pretending to be legit.

As for the OP, I’m of no use, sorry.

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Yeah, but first loss though. Lol I just did a read for a friend now, he replied me thus: Man, you’re dead, all you said is total bullshit!

So i guess 2 loss and counting…

Ohh seriously…

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I’m talking like 5000$ per and 60K total sorta thing, not 20$ readings. Crazy shit.

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No. What is LBRP?

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Remember to put your will and intent into it, but it has a lot of power on its own to cleanse any unwanted spirits and energies from around you.

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Try it on me, if you want. :smirk:

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Performing LBRP can feel pretty clumsy the first few times but once you memorize all the words and can focus on the execution, it starts to feel natural. I guess the same can be said of any ritual.

I just did lol I saw a ceiling fan blowing fast, like it’s sending me back and my body rising, as if trying to force its way in. While the fan is blowing I could see traces of whites, something like a white smoke or fume… So I asked why sending me back.

Voice: I don’t want you in.
Me: Why?
Voice: Because you’re full of angelic energy.
Me: What’s your name?
Voice: Asmodeus.
Me: So I’m going to deliver this message to WhiteHeart like this…?
Then, appeared before me, by my window side (as no Demon can penetrate or enter my room) Masculine: Yes, do so. You’re too clean, I can’t let you in. All angelic…

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Hah, that’s interesting!
I am really working with Asmodeus from about a month already, and he gave me some visions for his presence. Could it be a coincidence lol.
Thank you!

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It’s really, really interesting what you said about Asmodeus. :thinking:

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