Entities appearing in my eyes (need help)

So I have been doing mostly energy channeling and reading most my life. Recently around New Year’s I started down an ambidextrous path and started working with left hand path Draconic magic. Once I started doing rituals, I began noticing entities and spirits more and discovered more about my family’s bloodline. My mom passed away when I was 12, and looking back on old photographs of her, I could see entities in her. The same entities that are in me. I cannot seem to get answers from these entities on who they are, but they clearly show in my eye. I was wondering if anyone can help me identify these spirits or at least give me tips on how I can communicate with them. Yes I do meditate and practice astral projection. I can communicate with other spirits but can’t seem to communicate with the ones inside me.


Many spirits are deceptive and will not give a name or answer, without giving you a name or specific vision or sign you really don’t know what you summoned. I would ask the spirit directly to identify who he is.

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I have posted in the New Magician’s forum and introduced myself.

I have not summoned these entities. They appear to be in my family history. My mom had them in old pictures of her as well. When I ask them to identify themselves I don’t get an answer…

Except just now as I was writing that last sentence I heard the response A-may-saw-tow-liss…

But that’s a first :sweat_smile:

Hi and welcome, I analyzed your images in an art program I have. When I perform different spectral analysis on them it almost seems like the spirit portion of you eye does not quite fit with the picture. Very odd :slight_smile:
Were you using a mirror, and what type of camera. I’m super impressed you were able to photograph this with such clarity :+1:


The pictures really don’t look natural so, maybe it’s the camera. Regardless…

You believe there’s an entity attached to you…then you need evocation to communicate with it. If it’s a “silent” entity as you say, you still can evoke another spirit to tell you everything you need to know about it.

In other words, contact the spirit directly or perform divination. Good luck :+1:


Never thought about asking another entity… hmm I’ll try tonight and see if that gives me a better answer.

Thank you!


Those are the 3 that have been appearing but not communicating.
I got help from Lilith and Tiamat… I’m a divine feminine initially but i have suppressed divine masculinity of equal abilities that I’ve been suppressing. That was the answer i got


Great congratulations. You can use evocations to work with them as usual or work with someone else. Most important is that you know who they are and you can move on :slight_smile:

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Update: Asmodeus is being a dick to me and I’m not quite sure why. The other 2 are a lot more responsive now at least though

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