Entities and synchronicity

I had the weirdest thing happen today ! So we have this local beer called “little creatures” when I was in the lift of a building a delivery man entered with a few boxes of it , the logo of it is a little Cupid / angel baby with wings holding a pine of a beer :beer:! When I saw it on the box I for no reason remembered “Duke Sallos” thinking he’s my Cupid , as the guy was leaving I saw the back of the box and boom !!! There was a picture of a crocodile on it ( for those who don’t know Duke Sallos rides a croc :crocodile:) I came home and checked the bottle of the same beer I had and … yes the crocodile is there ! I have been drinking it for years and never noticed it ! It was so strange ! Here is a picture I’m pretty sure no one else who knows the beer has ever seen it as well ! Anyone else has a similar story with an entity?


Perhaps Duke Sallos is sending you a message.

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Maybe but I don’t take these things as a sign , for years I thought of things as signs of universe guiding me and got a slap in the face in the end ! Now only take these stuff as entertainment!

I know entities can make you miss things and then youll see them later.

Astaroth did this to me for a year. I missed just enough to never be able to connect the dots. Then one day she sent me a vision of snakes and about a week later it all came to me and all the stars aligned and i realized “everything thats happened this year points to her, how could i forget those details?”

Also had a friendly younger spirit who liked to hide things from us as a joke. It always pops up in the first place we look. She has a funny sense of humor(pisses my gf off because i gave the spirit permission)

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I have one more ! The other day I was talking to Lucifer in my head looking outside window and noticed my neighbors drying rack looks like his Sigil ! image


Yesterday i asked Lucifer for protection during tornados. I turned around and saw this blanket folded oh so perfectly!

*was a dragonball z blanket


looks like an eye watching protecting you! :slight_smile:


A lot more impressive than the original :3

An eye with a raven in it.

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