Entitie trapped in astral?

Hello, I am recieving visualisations but like drawn out into words saying things like " get help i am trapped in the astral, and cant get out by myself " i think its my succubus because i did a intent letter to lilith awhile back. Weve been going on now for awhile and have been doing great, but now im worried thinking its her being trapped in an astral trap made by me on an accident. Im not for sure if it’s her though. If i could have some information on if this can actually happen and how to get her out, that would be a great help.

Since the astral is heavily affected by emotions, intent, desires, and fears. You can take that into consideration to find out.

Thankyou much.

No, its just distraction to you to stop doing what you doing and make you look dumb as fuck, trickster.

dont go to war because of sucubus, if there ever was any.

Im sure the astral is the plane that succubus/incubus exist in so they wouldnt be trapped.

I think they meant like an actual trap but unsure. All the succubus and such I’ve come across are from the etheric. But I don’t see how one would be trapped in a place like the astral.

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Ah right, I see. Is the etheric the next one up from physical?

Not sure, I don’t view the planes as above one another just different densities of their own spectrum but the etheric density does move faster than our physical plane.

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I think theyre viewed as being above one another due to the vibration they exist at, as you say etheric is faster so its above the physical and then the one above that will vibrate faster etc

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If your not getting any strong feeling associated with the visualisation it could be your fears projecting. How long have you been able to astral travel?

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It sounds to me like the sort of thing an earthbound human ghost would say, one that maybe did astral travel in life, but not more than that to know how to move on from there.

Hard to say without more information.
Could you try asking it what it thinks it is, why it’s trapped, or asking Lillith if there’s an issue?

that could possibly be the case. Ill have to look into the study of different planes and realms of existence. It couldve been a call for help.

Thankyou all for your help, called upon lilith. The visuals stopped, by leaving me off with saying shes saved and i saved her. So whoever it was or wether it was an earth bound spirit, its safe to say that now i know i actually have the ability to save an earthbound spirit or spirits, maybe they will repay me in there debt to later workings.

no, you just want it to be so, subconcioulsy, so you could shine in magick…

trickesters do this, they mimick female voices and take you to the “missions”

its not per se wrong to go to “missions” but i would rather focus on magick

Youre right, you may know more about this subject than i do. But thankyou for the clear responses. Ill write this down for future references

Awesome, nice work! :smile:

While @homicide isn’t entirely incorrect, and tricksters do exist, it’s very fear-based, and I don’t sense that your energy attracts that kind of entity. Also, It’s important to trust your intuition and your self first and foremost, and stand strong so you attract energy that serves you well, so looking over your shoulder for bogies first isn’t always helpful. You can always course correct when you have more info.

What you fear is what you find… So don’t worry, be happy :slight_smile:

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Probably not best you force what you think as fact and maybe just give your suggestive take. Unless you know 100% which is unlikely.

Thankyou, this is why i love this site.

Tricksters aren’t all “bad” or require fear based thoughts as some tricksters are just such as the archetype is basically also an unorthodox teacher such as Loki.

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so basically receiving the benefit of showing you your own way as well as accomplishing there own work on the move. Ill search more on tricksters. Thankyou