Entire Site Debunking Common Skeptical Arguments Against Magick

This might be interesting or useful for anyone involved in magick who finds themselves being harassed by the kind of closed-minded psuedo-skeptic who really just wants to grind you down: http://www.debunkingskeptics.com/Contents.htm

He covers just about every point you’re likely to hear, and a bunch of stuff that I didn’t even know about.

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This is awesome, thanks!

Great post … Thanks

I could have reached through the screen and kissed him for making this! I have had my fair share of haters cross my way; as well as have found several; and luckily due to the fact I have studied Techniques of Yellow Journalism and other Use of Literary Fallacies for decades- have been able to atomise them all. But it can be tedious and hard work. This was a really well done shotgun to the overfat belly1 Love you EA!! Shamelessly! and you ain’t perfect either!!! which makes it better!

Great, gives me a little light reading, before I pass the link to some skeptic and aware friends.

I know right? I wanna reach through the screen and kiss EVA too! All her posts are awesome…if she turns out to be a 45 year old fat dude living in his moms basement, I’m gonna be pissed.

Just to be clear, that entire site is the work of Winston Wu, so credit where it’s due belongs to him in full. :slight_smile:

Here are some more interesting (and longish) essays on this topic by Michael Prescott, a former skeptic himself:

Why I’m Not A Skeptic

Flim-Flam Flummery: A Skeptical Look at James Randi - includes a response by Randi, and the author’s reply to that.

Who Will Watch The Watchers?

The Challenge - about the JREF’s million dollar challenge.

Unreality TV: “Psychic Secrets Revealed”