Entering the theta gamma sync

Hello all.

When I enter the theta gamma sync, I can’t hear king Paimon . I have given him A LOT of incense and yesterday I have him a hard mint ball . I enter the theta gamma sync by looking at the corner that connects the wall and the ceiling. When I enter it in my head I say king Paimon please come to me . I don’t hear anything . I try my hardest to just clear my mind and listen but I could never hear anything . One time I entered the state and looked at his sigil and I don’t know if his sigil flashed or it was just me.

Can someone help me with what I’m doing wrong or not doing.


When you enter theta gamma sync things blend into other things or move. And you see them for what they really are.
Can you control TGS? I mean can you enter TGS at will?

You are listening for an outside voice, try listening for an inside voice, when you think typically you will sound the way you talk, listen for the voice in your head that doesn’t sound like you, might help you get started.


Yeah that’s it. More telepathic than in the physical reality.

I haven’t really tried that . I listened to binaural beats and moved up a step by listening to nothing but the sounds around me and looking at the corner on the ceiling.

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Try that, it will help. If you can enter TGS at will, you will be much better.

When I do it a lot happens . Everything is blurry . And things move around

So keep using binaural beats ??

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Try to do it on your own, without the binaural beats, don’t rely on that alone. Find techniques to do that on your own, I can’t help you with that, because for me only full focus is all I need to enter TGS.
Maybe, it would work for you too.
Clear your mind, focus on Some thing…that’s all I do.


Indeed, sometimes it also occurs to me to experience certain states. For example if I repeat “The event X is going to happen” and visualize or such… I feel a consciousness shift.


Get a marker or a black sticker and place it on the wall. Light one small candle then stare at that single point on the wall while passionately chanting “Linan tasa jedan Paimon”. Take deep slow breaths, if you have invasive random thoughts simply acknowledge them and keep going.


I was just given an image of a tribe drumming and dancing in rapture.
I know that some cultures use this as a rite and as a way to induce altered states of consciousness.


They unless fully manifest will speak telepathically.