Enslaving Souls


Is it possible to enslave another persons soul? Sure, eventually, all of existence is one. But it’s also possible to put a spell on someone to do your will. So would it be possible to, for instance evoke another person and basically get them under your control?


Wouldn’t something like that take a ton of power and a continued effort to remain in control. I mean you would almost have to possess someone to gain complete control of there mind, body & Soul.


Hmmm, I obviously don’t know as I asked the question. But it makes sense that it takes a lot of energy to stay in control of that person. I’m actually just asking out of curiosity, cause I can think of only a few reasons to make this necessary other than revenge. But even that can be done with less effort.


Lol I could see making the president do what you want to influence certain laws that you would like to see changed, or maybe get a killer job at a corporation or maybe a seat on the supreme court.


If im not wrong.
There are astral servants that some Ghedes commands and can send to help you in life, also with baneful magick.
Baron de Cimetiere is one of them.(which is the commander)

So i think its pretty possible to slave souls.

(btw i will try something with Baron de Cimetiere next week. Just trying to find a good graveyard where i can have some secure privacy. - Mad christians in brazil!)


Rise over yourself, so you may rise over everything.


There are ways to possess others, there are ways to put them under your will, and there are ways to trap their soul. The demon eriesh’taetohl will teach you how to possess them, paimon will teach you how to put them under your will, and the last demon in house retztael will teach you how to trap their soul. Your next step would be to make a pact of possession with one of these demons. If you do not have the skill to make the pact then you can get a consultation with Dante or e.a. and ask if they are willing to do it for you and then get a price.


I think it depends upon the amount of control you wish to have over a person. Magicians influence/manipulate others all the time. Love/lust/faithful lover spells, spells for promotions, court case , hot footing spells etc are some of the most common spells used.

These kind of spells can be used to manipulate and influence a person but they often take time and repetition to be effective. An entity can be used as well to help further push your will upon the subject but even then to completely enslave/control a person I’m not 100% sure it would be possible unless like Necromaster said the subject was completely possessed by yourself or a spirit which is working for you.

I agree with Jakob420 that an operation like this would take a lot of energy and work to complete. Unless the complete subjugation of the target was the goal of the magician I can’t see the benefit of this over the normal manipulation spells that are commonly used.


Now that’s some useful info necromaster. Thanks…


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I’m actually going to go over this in the Mastering Evocation course. I’ll specifically be talking about how to trap demons or angels in objects, but it can be applied to people as well (assuming certain variables are considered).