Enough is Way Enough and too much!

I have got to stop this fukn neighbor bitch and her spouce. I want to watch them deteriorate and fade and drain until they are dead. If I could just walk across the streets and off them myself with an ax or club and never have anyone bust me by following the blood and brains to my house, I would. If I had the money I would pay someone.
I have tried to find some source for an blog website or something for Somnus Dreadwood, he along time ago offered to help me end the rapist of my daighters, but then was was put in prison and the heat died down abit. [but he gets out next year—soooo] But right now these neighbors are actually planting weed on my property and loud mouthing everyone that I am a grower [fuk I wish] and dealer,[to much hassle] . but finding abunch of weed thrown all over the inside of my shed/ Temple, is the last straw. She is even threatening to call the cops if she sees me walking arounf the block with my dogs and I come close to her house.
i got blood sorcery 1 & 2 . not feeling alot. I am wondering which of the somnus dreadwood books would help me to end my Woes.
Anyone who can or will help me to create a “Day after Christmas” Tsunami to wipe them off my once happy life I would greatly appreciate it.
Feel free to Email me.
i want a no fail working, every any and all demons are more than welcome.
Thanks Ahead .!!!

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I have no doubt if you use the presented method of vampirism or death elemental and hit them hard and often they will die. I switch out my feedings between multiple people because a couple in a row do seem to do some pretty bad damage if done right.

And if you need a focus I’ve started using runes and their galdr chants to direct the energy.

You can use their names, a picture, etc as a link. It will strengthen you and kill them as quickly as it makes you strong. Even target specific organs if you want.


I truly sympathise…, Ive taken more stick than evil plotting neibours, and not retaliate, and be the good guy, but now these stupid people are costing my existence… ( white magic is no more in order in this situation. …) please tell me how to get rid of them, in a tried and tested way magically (cuz I don’t want to end up in prison or something ) but justice isn’t being served and my life is ruined by a bunch of hiracy blackmailing bullies who enjoy watching me suffer and won’t stop at nothing. …