I have a keen interest in all things Enochian. I want to start a thread for folks interested in deeper study of the various schools of thought and ways to apply this system.

Many books and authors have excellent info, including but not limited to: Lon Milo DuQuette, Aaron Leitch, Jason Newcomb, John DeSalvo and Vincent Bridges.

I am particularly interested in the work and theories of Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter in practical uses… Do a little computer inquiry to see what I mean. IMO they take the system out of the realm of religion, down to the spiritual technologies present.

The language itself, particularly with the calls seems to rewire and open new circuits in the brain itself and energy bodies of the practitioner. I see much potential here, aside from the traditional context the system was delivered in (aka Renaissance magick and religious trappings).

I would love to hear your experiences, as well as open discussion about different applications and deeper research. I also am interested in testing a few theories that may require participants to verify things.

I was also considering the tree of life, and how there is a dark side to the tree, and was considering the same being true of the Enochian system, and discovering the darker version of the system… Much to ponder.

One thing I have flound and have been playing with is singing the Keys and language, and feeling the energies shift and resonate differently. Try it and see for yourselves.

Another area I am researching is the Sloane manuscripts themselves. I am convinced there may be a code within, much like the Bible Code models… Already very complex geometries have been discovered and seen in the text and Sigillum itself. As Enochian is seen as a precursor to Hebrew (in some schools of thought), and in the Hebrew Bible, specifically the Psalms, the letters themselves are music notation, and musicians have released CDs of this amazing beautiful temple music…so I was thinking there is also music within the system, waiting to emerge. I have studied music, and can relate to this concept…and I was hoping others may be interested in exploring this as well.

There is much in this system to study, and I hope some of you would share your knowledge and experience.


Enochian in my experience is volatile enough so you can apply it in a myriad of forms outside the Abrahamic ideas its based off. I myself have used those keys and the angels of the system to open Gateways to the Realm of Death, created egregores out of their power, etc.

But when it happens to fixate, if you mix elements in a improper way, you’ll have a tough time trying to neutralize the crap the is likely to manifest.

Personaly, Im currently more interested in Dee-purist enochiana than those neo-enochiana systems, but I see value in them.

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Well, if you were to study the Sloane manuscript, I should probably explain how I’ve done most of my work: channelings.

Deciphering a magical text isn’t as difficult as it sounds, when one compares it to the material therein. That takes an extreme amount of work and gnosis of the Divine (God), to get that particular information. I hear some people can channel demonic entities or summonings and do the same but I’m very disinclined to believe so as I’m sure the ego would be super inflated, dissolved or the person was/is driven insane or dead.

I’ve always noticed a period of time where I intuitively “knew” the content of the text but it was like a scent I couldn’t discern but I knew I had smelled it before. Like deja vu but with books and not space or time.

I’ve thought the Sloane MS would be more difficult as not only would I have to understand contemporary English terms at the time, but also the spelling. I think it was Middle or High English- depending on the area, the person and the time of publication. Personally, I would have to read papers surviving that time along with what was meant. That takes a while, like a few years. People have graduate degrees for stuff like that because it’s intensive.

Doing channelings… or “awakening” dormant magical powers in context of a book is also dangerous but more commonly- irritating as hell because I would have to record the words and somehow rediscover what I meant when I said what I said as a picture was already formed in my head of what I was saying.

Sounds insane? Might have to read that one twice? That’s what I mean, it’s a pain. Plus, since it’s enochian and governed by the angels, they probably wouldn’t let ALL the information out to one person. No one really talks about the destroying angels in Enochian magic and how the confusing angels in Genesis might be apart of them. I still tread lightly in that area and I’m a fairly decent occultist.

Best of luck.