Enochian UPG

Greetings, I’ve been using Success Magic by Damon Brand and will use this to post my experiences. As this is ongoing, I will be vague with certain details. I am several weeks in, and these are my notes.

Take the traditional hermetic symbols for the four traditional elements.
Now, visualize them as pyramids. See it with depth as they correspond with their appropriate directions. See these pyramids as being composed of 0s and 1s. Like computer code. Replace the 0s and 1s with the corresponding name of the elements. There are four pyramids.
The Pyramid of Malprg.
The Pyramid of Bitcom.
The Pyramid of Exarp.
The Pyramid of Nanta.
These four pyramids are composed of these four words.
Currently, this serves as useful items to meditate on.

I will update this as I continue.

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