Enochian Theory

Enochian Angels are quite interesting and many mages across the world have spoken of the system’s power favorably and fearfully.

Some of these mages have argued if the enochian entities are even angels at all, Edward Kelly the one who helped John Dee scry the entities spoke openly of how he thought the entities were demonic.

Here my theory.

What if these entities were spirits of the area where John Dee and
Edward Kelly were living? :thinking:

And maybe they were tapping into to the spirits of the land.

Here my reasoning for this, these angels go against a lot of the things you’d normally associate with creature of “God”

They tell John Dee and Edward Kelly to switch wifes, They mention not praying to JC, They also say quite explicitly that.

“The Soul moves from one body to the other”-Enochian Angels

This is called transmigration of souls, which is believed in by polytheistic and pagan religions, Not by the monotheistic religions.

What do you think?

Are these entities Angels? Demons? or
Spirits of the land?

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Definitely what we would call angels rather than land spirits. Though some of your info might be a bit mixed up. But then I have only recently started refreshing myself on Enochian and am a bit rusty.


Yeah that’s possible I’m just going from memory I might be rusty as well.

Like angels as in “Messengers”? and if so messengers for what?

I have just brought Damon brands new book on enochian angels magic and was suprised on several levels as i have been under the impression that enochian language was demonic and celestial script was angelic
also I thought Dee and Kelly used to call up spirits of the dead etc which doesn’t sound much in the way of angelic
or is this just lables we humans like to put on things to make them seem alright If anyone has any idea’s it would be good to know HAPPY MAGICK Herbie

From my experiences, there is power behind enochian. I’ve spoke in enochian with demons before, in a trance state, tho I had no clue what I was saying and it just came out.

No. From working with Enochian for half a year, it-they are not spirits of the land. With Enochian, I suspect we are missing a key ingredient. It is as we are 2D beings, attempting to work with 3D+ entities. I get this means little, but it is a gestalt worth meditating over.

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