Enochian possession?

The other day I learned enochian is not something that one should mess with unless fully prepared and serious. I’ve always heard how potent enochian is but I thought it was just exaggeration. I’m no stranger to magickal practices and i’ve seen a lot of phenomenal things but this occasion left me very startled and worried. I thought I would share it with you.

Me and three of my friends decided to mess around at night in the garage. They new I was into magick but they were not into it themselves. They wanted to see me do something magickal so I brought out some of my books. I decided to recite the bornless ritual a couple times followed by one of the enochian calls. This was the first time i had ever recited enochian.

After I recited the enochian i felt nothing strange, then we started talking amongst each other. Then out of the blue, I apparently said 4 or 5 words in an unintelligible language. Two out of three of my friends heard it. The one next to me looked at me awkwardly asking me what the hell did I just say. I didn’t even remember saying anything. I only remember her weird facial expression and asking me what i just said. I can’t remember what they told me I said now, but I think it may have been enochian. I should have wrote it down and tried looking it up but I didn’t cause I was so freaked out.

I never attempted channeling or possession before and I wasn’t attempting to do that this instance. That’s what scares me. And the fact that I can’t even remember saying anything. Apparently something took over my voice without my consent. Its always been easy for me to tune into various energies, so I had no doubt that i had mediumistic ability. But I never new how important it is for me to learn how to block energies and protect myself until this happened. Enochian is nothing to just mess around with. It is indeed very potent.
Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome.


Sounds like you had one heck of an experience! :slight_smile:

Do you plan to do this again?

And if you do, you might want to keep a voice recorder going, they’re my life-saver and part of how I have such detailed recollection of stuff.


I’m not very fond of anything taking control of my body or voice so I don’t see myself attempting anything like that in the near future. But down the line, who knows. Yeah it would have been great if I had a voice recorder going. And I plan on using one when I do my first evocation not too long from now.

Keep us posted, you have caught my eye.


where does one find these calls?

I hope you and all that read your post remember the lesson in this!

These knowledge is no toy! take it seriously because they can do a lot of harm if you just play around with them!

just saying

What enochian call did you use?

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Very nice. The ritual of the Bornless one is very powerful combined with angelic language must be a good thing.

I am looking into enochain and hear it is pretty bad ass. I suppose that would be kind of spooky but not necessarily too bad. Did you have any further possession since?