Enochian Magic

I’m thinking of ordering a book Enochian Magic For Beginners.Does anyone know anything about it or experience with enochian magic or maybe some other good books for beginners having to do with Dee and Wallace?I’ve already started memorizing the enochian alphabet since i’m drawn to the letters.

Frater Yechidah had a really helpful Enochian guide fir begginers on the dead Evocation Magic. Its was clear and simple, much easier to understand than DuQuette’s books on the topic.

I dont know about this book you mentioned, but despite what I said on DuQuette’s books, they are worthy of spending some time on, its just that Yechida’s explanation is much simpler and straight to the point.

On the Enochian Alphabet, its advisable to spend some time skrying into the letters, for they are the most basic elements of the system, just like hebrew letters are to the Qabbalah. Knowing the letters you can figure how the system is supposed to work in its most elementary aspects, also how the energies brought from the entities and currents inside the system are, you can feel and understand them more clearly.

In my personal experience, I went against the common belief that you have to start with the serviant angels of the quarters and then step up to the higher ranks. I found those boring, just like the planetary seniors. When I got my share of boredom, I started to work from the Table of Union, where I finally begun to see real results. Most practioners will call me iresponsible, but I find much more advantageous to start from there, then go down to the lower ranks. The Tablet of Union gives the initial breakthrough, a sort of spontaneous illumination into the Art, that opens the path to more specific works that will come later.

All that said, have in mind Im still a noob, and the system is controversial. My recomendstion is to read from several sources. There’s a guy named SaToGa, that works extensively with the system, and he reports great and mostly benefical results from his practices, and he’s not an orthodox practioner, not even close to that.