Enochian keys

Hey guys. So recently A(as in almost two years ago) I found out that I am half demon. um… I have understood enochian my whole life but never been able to speak it unless In the presence of a demon. any help?


Online translation.



no I need help pronouncing not understanding

It takes any text from English and translate into enochian. If you need a quick, easy way of doing it.

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Search for book “The complete Enochian Dictionary” by Donald Laycock- it contains pronunciation of enochian language.



Does it have some grammar too?

No, there is no grammar.

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Thank you this was helpful

Thanks @Purple for the enocian translater ! I t helped me a lot ! :pray:t4:

Enochian is the language of angels, not demons.

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That’s an error!!! People have no idea what enochian is!!! one of the most important rituals of enochian is the ritual of the apocalypse. To call the Destroyer and bind him to the material world. It is light and darkness united


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If u believe in the story of Father Satan originally being an angel then u would know both demons and angels can speak Enochian[quote=“Rav, post:12, topic:51749”]

The Bible isn’t exactly a reliable source of information. A lot of the stories are humans just twisting the truth to their benefit.

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That’s true but even in certain sects of Satanism they believe Satan fell from heaven

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.


Hey guys … what are the necessary preparations /precautions before starting to use enochian keys. Any guidance ?

Also do u keep chanting it or say it once in your ritual or meditation ?

Guidance please

Vibrating them

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