Enochian Death Ritual

I just completed an “advanced” Death ritual whose purpose is to let the magician face, experience, and transcend his own death.

The results were pretty astonishing. I feel refreshed and rejuvinated for one.
Two, i feel slightly tired at the same time. The feel is similar to the After Orgasm tiredness one feels after having sex.

Three, i actually sensed and felt the leaving and returning of my Consciousness, Being, Life, Blood, and Body.

Fire: The Spark Of Life
The “Spark of Life” is not just a New Age/magical bullshit. It is real.

Its literally Fiery. Very Fiery and Expansive.
It is currently residing at the back of my Solar Plexus chakra.
One can also move it around from one chakra to the next. I just moved it to my Root chakra and oh boy :joy:

I feel sexual energy running up and down my spine in slow waves. Its not kundalini neccesarily, but its masculine and feminine currents in one ig.

Yin/Yang, Dao, etc

Water: The Blood

As i felt my blood return, it occured to me that water is a manifestation base for spirits to materialize in. Water deals with form and spirits must take on a form to be evoked to physical appearance and they are watery in nature (some of them).

Blood sacrifice is needed because of the slow, Undalating Force of Water and the Fire to create that it releases.

Air: Mind and Thought

As my consiousness returned, i felt that i had complete awareness of my surroundings complete with the ability to decide what i want to do and how to deal with all the details that decision entails.

I had WILL and i was not mindlessly wandering along, with a lack of Fire for direction and even thought.

Its not that i had no sentience, but that my sentience was so low it could not be registered energetically or physically. I was an Animal lol.
Thats how they feel.

Earth: The Body

My body slightly quaked as the Fiery being that is me (my spirit) entered it and Quakened/Quickened it.
This is how ressurection of the dead, binding spirits into objects, and possesion/invocation take place.

It entered me through my feet and up my legs and settled into my whole body. It was powerful.

My whole body feels powerful In a subtle way.
This is Godhood.

Yes i just made that statement :joy:

Other Results: Baneful Magic

Being Dead is the best place to be in when doing baneful Magic. You must become/conquerDeath to weild Death.
That ritual is intended to take your from Form to Emptiness (i did not say Void). In Emptiness, give your call to the Darkness and cast forth the shackles that will bind your enemies. And do not worry about karma. There can be no Karma because if you are Emptiness, then what can Karma attach too??? ???

Karma is the curse that is attached to Form.
Non attachment is the Curse attached to Emptiness.
Quicken yourself.
Become Empty.
Then Return to Form.
Then unite the two in the Flames of Duality.

Then you will need not be affected by Karma.


Ok Im off my Mystical Soap Box :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just what I needed… Thank you

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@Micah it’s so cool to see you grow into a large pool of power and energy everyday x I’m gonna try this stuff as soon I get my last kid into school in a couple of years x


But mystical soap box rains hellfire down upon the limitations of man :smile_cat:


If you sold this for $2000 on BALG, you could make a killing bro :joy: