Enn chanting

Is saying a demons enn over and over enough to call out to them, if I was just looking at the sigil on my phone and reciting the enn over and over will the entity hear me?

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Yes but it is better to use some copper disc a coin or something and a crystal to empower the ritual

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No, enns are not calling an entity, enns are you aligning yourself to their energy before evoking them.

A demonic enn is described as a sentence which is written in an unknown, “demonic” language which are supposed to invite or invoke the energy of a particular demon.

you can evoke or invoke them after that.


Enns are dialing a phone number, calling is the next step.


You need to open the sigil.
Do this by setting a magickal gaze on the sigil on your phone until it starts flashing. Search this forum for ‘beginner tutorials’ - there are many threads that go over this.

Enns are a religious chant from Demonolatry - which makes them unnecessary unless you follow that religion.
If you’re interested in becoming a Demonolator I suggest you get a book to learn how to work with it properly. Many entities don’t have enns, so those books will help you know which ones do, and how to make your own. Try the author ‘S Connolly’.


Thankyou all!!

What exactly do you mean by “magickal gaze”?

Here you go, full instructions by E.A. on how to open sigils including using the gaze correctly:

Thank you!

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Quick question, do I need to be able to sense or astral project to sense the spirit/demon?