Enn chanting without offerings?

Hello. Is it okay to listen to enn chantings whilst casually lying in bed or sitting on the sofa- without offerings or an altar?

I’d like to acknowledge certain entities as a mark of respect and to become closer but not necessarily to ask for anything in return.

Also, can you listen to different enn’s on the same day?

Yes yes yes :slight_smile:


Yes, most days I listen to various enns. I listen to Sitri’s enn almost every day, and I often listen to Sallos’s enn and Dantalion’s enn.

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Great reply. Have you felt or experienced anything whilst doing so?

Yes, Sitri and Dantalion both make me start yawning as soon as they’re there.

In the same way I sometimes practice mental exercises, repeat mantras etc. during the day, I often (these days included) had the idea to do likewise about calling entities. One of the purposes being that of, indeed, “simply” establishing a friendly relationship.