Enkidorat, Grand Angel of Ascent

Hey all,

Just thought I’d share a recent set of workings with this Grand Angel of Ascent. Much recommended for anyone caught up or weighed down from negative attachments or painful events from the past. Enkidorat can help to clear these things up.

First things first, I worked with a non-grimoired spirit(a guardian spirit of a friend), and when asking this spirit about a few things and receiving some mild impressions I finished things up.

Several hours later, just watching television with my girlfriend, the name Enkidorat just spontaneously popped into my mind…over and over, and I considered this unusual but definitely something worth pursuing. I hadn’t been thinking about working with him or even worked with KoF for some time, so it was “out of the blue”.

I waited a few weeks and decided to open his sigil a total of three times in five days. Since he is a Grand Angel of Ascent and works in balancing karma, this is the main line of work I feel was carried out to help clear mental blockages and energy up, and I feel this has been a permanent effect as my hangups have lessened and my confidence in my self have increased as well as my sense of self worth.

During the period of time that the sigil was open, memories of a time when I was younger when many positive and successful things happened that propelled my life upward(due to personal development work and magic) and then subsequently went sour and downhill(due to complacency, laziness and also the jealousies and greed of other people) came up that had been locked or suppressed due to the painful nature of them. I had forgotten many of these events of over a decade ago and it was as if the angel was making me relive them and see them in a different, but truer light because they were clearly weighing me down and the angel could obviously see this.

In this reliving, things that I had blamed myself for were perceived as not of my own doing but that of the hatred and jealousy of other people from my successes and position of power, and things I had blamed others for, were rightly perceived as my fault, and so I began to see my mistakes and short sightedness in many decisions and choices I made. Many things in my life became ironed out and clear to me about how they really went down and the confusion surrounding these events began to become clear, and as I relived them and understood them, the attachment I had previously, frozen into my body and psyche was let go. My naivety and trust of other people was essentially my downfall during this period of my life I was reliving, as well as my own complacency. And I also underestimated the jealousy of other people and the facade of appearances.

During this several day period of working with Enkidorat, I must make very clear that I was in extremely deep thought and in between alpha to theta trance for most of this period, even at my work, as spontaneous memories would flood to the surface constantly. Something incredible was definitely happening as I was barely talking to anyone and experiencing a non-stop flow of impressions and memories and perspective that I had never felt before for such a long, continuous period. Much emotion was coming up and being let go at this time as well.

All in all, this experience was essential for my ascent, because holding onto false ideals and incorrect and hazy assumptions about my past had been blocking my energy and affecting my mentality greatly in the now. This period in time that I was reliving had plummeted my self esteem into the depths of despair over a decade of personal hell, and it was fucking phenomenal to have these situations and memories properly categorized and their true cause and effect understood on a conscious level.

Anyone hung up on stuff from the past should find some real benefit in working with Enkidorat.

Thanks for reading,



Awesome Virdon!

I have noticed that a lot of posts of late have had the theme if entities getting people to relive and learn from their pasts. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Orismen!

What is also interesting is that Enkidorat worked in a way that I was not expecting at all. I didn’t even get a visual on him except for blanketing white-gold energy which seems to be my experience with the KoF angels at my present level.

Regardless, I was hoping for some tool or instruction to help with my ascent, not a reliving and clearing of emotions and painful memories. But it makes sense now. You can only go forward(ascend) if the past is made peace with and the lessons are learned.

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Sounds great man. Examining our past with a detachment is often helpful as we can see how our own actions and perceptions effected the situation. Glad to see your putting things in perspective and empowering yourself.

Thanks for sharing the experience, Virdon Djinn. :slight_smile:

I guess if we really always knew what we needed, we would never need to introspect nor call upon the help of another. You were looking for a tool, you just didn’t know what tool it would be until you actually got to the job it was needed for. Nice!