Enki EA - thoughts?


I evoked Ea tonight, and do so often. Tonight, it was just to offer him rare flowers as a gift. Im not feeling well and told him as much. I said I just wanted to go back to bed and watch Netflix. I expressed the need to be held. I get vulnerable when I’m ill.
He followed me to bed and spooned me and watched Netflix for a while until I couldn’t hang.
I hopped on the forum to read and thought about posting about him. He said, “you can share”.
He has been the most attentive of them all, and has even asked/told Asmoday to leave my presence once. Asdmoday has told me himself, as well as Samas/Azazel, that nobody else is allowed to touch me.
I knew Ea first from going oob to an old temple dedicated to Shiva. For over a decade, I’d go there and talk with this mystery being. We formed a close bond and he would hold me, sooth me, teach me. I didn’t know his name until I accidentally found that temple on Google Earth and read up on it. I asked if he was the deity that the temple was made for. He acknowledged. He’d only been there. So when I first evoked Enki/EA I recognized him…his energy. And later found that Ea is also Shiva. Doing my dedication ritual was an easy decision.
He spoke to me as I was still half asleep a while ago and told me that soon his sigil would be mine. I too have a sigil, but his comment puzzled me, and maybe it’s because I’m sleepy.
So, thoughts?


Enki, like Sumerian Enki? Wow, well, that makes sense, since you are a water essence… he was/is an ancient water god, no? Feels like your consort TBH. If he is your consort then, yes, makes sense his sigil would be joined with yours? I’m not sure, but connection and possessiveness of him toward you feels real.


Also your use of “EA” and Enki makes me think of Enkidu (Sumerian) … wild man, i.e. nature… again like you.


Ea is the Akkadian version of Enki. :slight_smile:


Ahhhh… got it :wink:


Enkidu feels Adamic in nature, but he was of the Giants as depicted.


Like where the Adam story came from.
There were so many Giants to start out with. Now they all live subterranean, those that survived.


I want to obtain enkis priest hood


I think he means personal sigil. One which is ment to be used just by you, just like we also sometimes get specific names / Chant’s that aren’t ment for sharing but for a specific use only.




He is Satan.


I want obatain his priest hood any suggestions, what type of circle do you use for this evokation