Enigma - The Fall of a Rebel Angel

I don’t know if anyone likes Enigma. Its my favorite band and I have to thank the music for helping me to explore myself in meditation.

What do you think of M.Cretu’s new project The Fall of a Rebel Angel?


Cretu is taking us for a spiritual journey and I am exited to be a part of this.

Its not out yet he is just sharing a few chapters so that people can contemplate. There is also his video here:


I used to listen to Enigma alot thanks for reminding me as Ive been looking for classic MP3’s to download to my cell. I dont know about this new song, but what I remember is my favorite song was from the Album “Love Sensuality Devotion” and had some sexy lady breathing sighing in the background. Cannoy remember what soundtrack that was.

I liked allot “The rivers of belief”. Every time I listen to that I get a full body orgasm (crazy). The new album is doe in Nov and I will be listening to it for months to soak it in. Fun Soul Travel times.