Quick question. Am i supposed to feel drained of energy after i cast spells or rituals? granted i didn’t feel drained until the day after but still.

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I’m you put a lot into it, maybe? I drain power from other sources so I end rituals with more instead of less. How deep are you into energy work?

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I’m a complete newbie to magic.

Ah! okay. Yeah. So it’s basically like the first couple trips to the gym. That’s going to be less of a problem over time.

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:sleepy: okay at least they’re working.

Depending on how much energy you have given to the ritual, yes. I have slept for up to 3 days after rituals / helping others.

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Sometimes, sure. Get well aquainted with energy work and vampirism since you say you’re new. You don’t always have to use your own energy.

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so i’ve read but how do i collect other energy? vampirism??


You could go the vampire route. I’d suggest starting with something that will never resist. Like the sun.


Elemental energies are the best to feed on. They’re always available. Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

I’d recommend finding a quiet place in the woods to meditate and visualize your energy becoming one with the energy around you. Just a suggestion from a sympathetic vampire.


i’m a little confused. a person can become a vampire?

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Yes. Ill go into detail… I used to be a psychic vampire.

  1. You can have your chakra damaged which leads your 3rd eye to attempt to repair it. This is known as Sympathetic Vampirism. You look for energy from anywhere to fix the damage to your astral / light body.

  2. Your chakra can be permanently damaged. This is the cause of specific sub-classes of Psychic Vampires.

  3. Your astral body can be permanently damaged, this generally leads to Sanguin aspects where you require much larger portions of prana to make it through the day. A lot of these “vampires” turn to blood in rituals.

  4. You can be a vampire of the void. This is someone who needs to be around people to feel calm. Usually diagnosed with a severe psychological disorder from birth.

There are a lot of things that you can do / have done / experience that can make you a psychic / sanguine vampire.

I’ve personally drank blood and used it for energy but that is another discussion entirely.

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Eat some potatoes (sweet or white) beforehand and after. Chips, baked, boiled, etc…

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