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Hello. I need some assistant and help with couple of questions regarding energy. If anyone could help or assist , i would be really thankful.

  • What is best crystal or stone that absorbs human energy of FEAR,PANIC,ANGER,AND PAIN?
  • What is maximum level of energy that can be absorbed from living human and what would be use of stone/crystal that absorbed that energy , lets say stone/crystal absorbed 45% of energy from each of
    10 000 people, in what ways could i use that empowered crystal for ? Could i use it to improve my spirtual development? spirtual health ? Short question is: what could i do with so much energy?
  • And would there be any other way to absorb energy of human without human using visualization of transformation of energy from his/her one place of body to stone/crystal? Could i better just put crystal near him when he is in pain or anger or any other emotions listen above , so that crystal/stone can gather and absorb each piece of that energy into itself on its own.

Also, this isn’t for knowledge purposes only is it? I can feel deceit pouring off you.


Thanks very much for help. :grin:

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@Justice You are welcome.

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