Energy Work

This method is based on Robert Bruce’s teqniques of energy work with my own add ons.The whole key lies to ‘‘repetitive movement’’ and not to visualization as many people think.Using this method,i managed to access almost every body parts,chakras,and even internal organs.The downfall of all this is that i also breaked the natural shield which covers the energy body from external influences,but that’s how things are.

The basic teqnique is to target the area you want to work on,set the boundaries of the ‘‘movement’’ and then find a way to produce that movement.Robert Bruce suggest to put energy balls and them move them with your breath.This is very difficult to do it,because the speed of the breath is slow,and you can easily loose focus.Sooner or later the mind will turn his attention to the breath it self.
So i came up with something different.I used my index finger as the ‘‘mover’’.At first i tried it on my left hand because i could see it…
The target area was between the wrist and the elbow.I imagine that something was inside my hand (in my case a blue ball) and that ball was connected with the index finger of my right hand.I was moving the index finger up and down,knowing that the ball is following the same way from the wrist to the elbow and vice versa…

Soonner or later,i start having the feeling that something was indeed moving inside my hand.At first it came as a tingling,then as a ressistance,then pain,and then like electricity.I figured out that the whole point wasn’t about the visualization of the ball,or keeping track of the movement.All i had to know was that each time i was moving my finger,the ball was in the wrist and then in the elbow.The area between them was stimulating automaticaly…

What i’m trying to say,is that you don’t need to keep track of the movement,but to the boundaries of the area you’re working with.Your inner self will do the job for you,as long as you don’t get in his way.If you can’t set in your mind the area you want to work with,you can place imaginery points.One at the elbow and one at the wrist…This will help a lot at the first stage.
Also you can connect the finger and the ball with a cord.This was my secret discovery when i started doing this. :lol:
Then as you move your finger,the ball follows.

Pretending that you’re having a ball inside your throat,isn’t going to open vissudhha chakra,but the movement of it,can do the job…Targeting chakras is more difficult than hands and legs but there’s nothing stoping you to work there.Same teqnique,different area-boundaries.

First step: Select the action area of the movement by defining the borders of it.

Second step: Place something to move (energy ball,shapes.colours,) and just know that it’s there

Third step: Move that something you choose by using your physical index finger.Move it up and down,and know that with each movement of your finger,it hits the borders of the area…

Know what you’re doing,and keep track only at the edges-borders of the selected area and not the area between.It will just happen on it’s own and it could take a lot of repetitions.Don’t expect to try it and work the first day.It could take time.