Energy Work vs Imagination/Visualization

So a thing that has been on my mind is energy work. It is a common thing that is needed for most magick to be done. I think I have at least a decent level of energy control, but I’m unsure. What I want to know is what defines the ability to manipulate energy? Most techniques are simply visualizing various energies doing various things. Is there a difference in between simple visualization and energy manipulation?


yes. you actually feel energy. it’s not imagination or visualization. of course the process of imagination and visualization matters as it’s part of moving energy and feeling it. If you dont’ feel energy than your awareness sucks in terms of feeling/distinguishing energy. That means you need more sensory skills cultivation. some pick it up quick , some don’t. Many can feel other’s energy or sick when around incompatible people. It don’t mean they can manipulate energy. Those energy is triggering them to react negatively. They aren’t in control of energy.
Awareness is key. Senses training helps. Body awareness , living in the body helps. Too many people on this site don’t live in the body, escapism. they are too in the head. So it affect their energy awareness skills. You know you have skills cuz you feel the energy not just some imagination in the head. It’s very tangible. like you touching someone or water flowing out of your hands.


energy work includes visualization, energy work is literally manipulating energy which is part of magick.

Imagination is a tool of magick in the sense the imagination spurs new ideas of what to do with your magick, but it’s not magick inherently, the former gets you actual results in which the latter brings more ideas of where to take the former.

The latter is not magick but it helps you with the former.

What defines manipulating energy is the actual action and not just thinking youre doing it.

You can do actual energy work and get results but with imagination, you can imagine yourself talking to a demon or imagine yourself sending baneful energy to someone but the former is you actually doing something while the latter is just being all in your head.


Yes, but I am still unsure of where the lines blur. When I do a ritual that involves mainly visualizing, I’m never too sure whether I actually manipulated the energy or it was all in my head. Is there a distinct way to tell when you’re manipulating energy vs when you’re just thinking about manipulating energy?

“Energy follows thought”.

I like to think the line is pretty thick, you can’t get anything done simply by imagining it. However you can by actively moving your energy around which doesn’t require the imagination once you get further into energy work, because you wont need to imagine how you want it to be; it’ll be your clairs picking up how it is regardless of how your imagination wants it to be.

if that makes sense.

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I think I might understand. I guess the question is then, what does move the energy around? Will power perhaps? Is it learning to control a force that we don’t normally use while thinking? I feel that what I struggle with is telling if I’m imagining that I’m controlling the energy or if the energy is actually being controlled.

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will/intention, our energy moves within us naturally, when we do energy work we’re using our will/intent to help direct it to a desired goal or when we program it to do a certain thing or make a certain thing like a construct.

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So I’ll give an example of how I do energy manipulation, and then you may be able to tell me if I’m doing something or not. I’ll start off by getting myself into a more magickal/ritual mood and calming and focusing my mind. After I do that I’ll start by trying to feel the energy in my environment and within me. After becoming aware of the energy I’ll visualize whatever goal I’m trying to manifest. I’ll then try and direct the energy using intent/will to make the thing manifest. Then I’ll usually end the ritual once I’ve directed the energy. Does this sound like it would make something happen, or is it simply imagination?

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Give me an example of the goal? because energy work for manifesting events is usually sending that energy out in a LOA kind of way.

Where as sending your energy to someone or creating constructs is extending the energy outside of you either by visualization or not and giving it commands/programming on what you want done.

However, what you explained does sound like basic energy manipulation.


Well one thing I’ve used energy manipulation for was affecting the probability of my work schedule staying the same, as it was looking like it could be changed due to the changing covid numbers. I had imagined the energy going from my third eye chakra and forming into a sphere, that would be released and would “go” and change the minds of my bosses to keep my schedule the same. I’ve mostly used energy work for external manifestations, although I have created a servitor which is a tad bit more internal.


Sounds like using energy work to make a construct in which the construct is basically doing psychic persuasion (something I’ve done as well) though the 3rd eye bit might be the unnecessary bit but if it works it works lol

and yeah thoughtform servitors dont require energy work but construct servitors do


Yeah, I added the third eye since it has always been an active chakra to me, sometimes to the point where I feel a strange tingling sensation on my forehead when I think about it. And I felt it way before I ever started touching magick. I guess it just helps add to the idea of sending energy out and what not.


I think Velenos provided great wisdom on the subject. Also, it just so happens I was reading Angels and Archangels by Damien Echols today, so I’ll paste a small piece I find relevant below:

“In other words, when we ask, we should do so from the perspective of the higher self if we want to manifest something within the divine matrix. Therefore we must use the language of the matrix, which is consciousness translated through the electromagnetic fields generated by our heart and mind. In short, the language of the quantum field is energy itself. Christ taught that one should act as if what has been requested has already been granted. By doing so, the electromagnetic field of the heart sends a signal to the quantum field, which will then manifest the prayer on the physical plane. We do the same thing with our mind by visualizing what we want to manifest—the brain’s electromagnetic field then sends that signal to the divine matrix.”

I once read an explanation (of course no ultimate truth whatsoever) exhalting a sort of energy work… it said that instead of training in concentration and visualization, sometimes with small effects, there are those “setting a thing up” and at the right moment there is release of energy which produces the intended result.

The thing that I don’t think has been mentioned here (if it has I apologize for missing it) is that energy needs to be stimulated before anything. There are certain key points on the outside and inside of the body that serve as actual energy centers. Once they are stimulated and actual energy is produced/ raised, you then have something to manipulate in real time.

That has very little, if anything at all, to do with imagination. That IS happening. From there, as you increase your ability to produce and manipulate energy, you can move into astral projections and having out of body experiences.

What does any of this have to do with magick? There are people here far more experienced than me that can explain this better…but this all ties into various forms of astral projection and hanging out on the astral plane during different states of consciousness such as dreams and trances.

It’s much easier to evoke/contact spirits there versus here.

There are some serious tutorials here on this stuff!

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I like movement. My belief is movement and concentration is one form of energy. Sound would be another. LOA is a good choice and believing the request or work has been successful is pretty important.

I take the analogy of a mossy wheel stone stuck in the groun path is pretty stuck. So you start moving it say in a giant circle around that field. Its going to be hard to move for a while. As that circle path is made it gets easier nd easier. Maybe some of that moss, mud, dirt, loose debris and stone falls off. Maybe it gets rounder as the circle path gets flattened and smoother. Over time you can really roll that stone wheel with little effort.

And some people are just gifted i guess. Eh let them be. Working hard is a reward that tastes better than just effortless getting what you want.

I think your confusing energy vs. intention. wrong terminology maybe? Most ritual don’t use energy directly but emotions and intention. when i talk about energy it is life force chi that flows through your body. one can use it for healing or self defense.