Energy work testimony

I did a few chakras exercises that a spirit told me to do. The spirit said it will be a very pleasureable and undeniable feeling. And man what he said was an absolute understatement by far.

What I felt was the following.

I felt in my viens and blood and my entire internal body very unearthly fire like a divine fire mixed with lightning Surging and coursing throughout my whole body it felt like I can take on all the world militaries combined as one while lifting a mountains on one finger. It was feeling more pleasurable than the best sex or sexual activity on earth or in the spiritual realm. What I was feeling sex felt like a mundane and boring thing. Oh and I also felt nice cool water in me on top of all the sensantions I was feeling. It felt as if I was transfigured into a deity and felt like I had control over all elements.

If you guys ever the amazing spiderman trilogy and one movie he faced the electric guy and you can actually see the electricity flowing through his body. This how it was for me but on a more grander scale that even human maybe spiritual minds could not even begin to imagine.


How has this help else where, magickally? Like in life.

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