Energy work - Hent'yos : healing a disease

Hello all

energy work is something that i work lately and i had found a oppurtunity to work with them
the case was when my mother had a disease on her foot nail,its the toenail fungus and she got in lots of days but Hent’yos wanted to teach me how to heal the disease,now my mother is ok but she still needs to take medicane.


is demonic nether from the house of the demonic warlords who are called anatel
in the book it doesnt say how hent’yos manifest,but for me i saw a a robed shadow beautiful woman,she is gentle and friendly


Energy work - healing a disease

so i learn the news.i am not the guy sits and does nothing for when someone is in danger especially my mother,so my mind got lightning fast on what i could do…being stressed before doing a shower.i had felt a pressence i knew it was hent’yos…i trusted that and visualised her sigil and begun chanting her name and combined with the “alash tad al’ash tal al’ashtu”
the presence grown even more i heard “stop chanting”
then i was instructed on how to do the actual healing

she told me to visualise my mother’s infected nail
to feel the diseased energy but without attachment and done the same thing with the vibrations too once i allowed enough time to feel it i begun diving deeper into that eventually to the “vibrational nexus” i felt the nexus too

then i reversed and changed the vibrations with intention and visualisations
i changed the nexus i used the infected energies to reverse them into healing energies
i begun to raise the vibrations

so the healing techique is like this:

feel the infencted areas and visualised them with no attachment
then dive deep in that infenction
then reach the core
see it,feel it and even taste it (it does not taste good)
modify and shift the core,change its vibrations with repeated intention and will

this pretty much that,but it requires time and dedication to do.

the whole oparation maked me feel like a energetic magical surgeon

next morning my mother had no pain even when she weared shoes.

i been doing lots of energy work as i said you can ask me for more energy work posts i can share some exercises that i am doing.

Sincerely,the Energy surgeon Xag


I fucking needed to meet with this being. Thank you for introducing us☺


best of luck!
hent’yos is fucking amazing indeed
ave hent’yos!


Wow, super!!! :sun_with_face:

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