Energy work and some questions

One conclusion I have come to is that the very first thing that should be worked on is getting familiar with subtle energies. I could say that this, together with the ability to focus the mind, make the foundation of power. Some people are born with the ability to sense or feel subtle energies, others (like myself) have to work and train in order to “activate” these subtle senses. I think it is unlogical to try to evoke an entity as long as you can’t clearly feel subtle energies.
I am not the most experienced from here but I definitely won some experience through continuous study, practice, struggle…
What is your opinion? Which are the building blocks of a solid foundation in magick?

Personally, I think it’s very much logical to evoke an entity or a spirit to learn the ability to sense and feel energies, because they are often manifested by pure energy. It might result in a lot of trials and errors, doing that, but once that barrier breaks, it will get fast results.

We have all kinds of senses to perceive spirits and entities, and the most common is the visual and the audible. But we also have the sense to smell and taste.

The ability to sense and feel energies is often accounted for the physical spectrum, but it can affect your other senses, too. If you have the ability to feel energies, you also have it much easier to see energies in your surroundings. That includes your own energy and what color it have. Of all the senses out there, this is the most versatile one.

Some magicians seems to have a dominant sense which puts the other abilities at bay, but few uses that particular sense to their advantage. As an example: If your strongest ability is the visual, you use that ability to learn how to feel. In my opinion, that’s how you learn from an outside source, like a spirit or an entity.

I think Robert Bruce’s ‘‘Energy work’’ is perfect to start with.And as he says,the only way to feel these energies is to work with them.The only thing that’s keeping you from sensing them is the mind,which can’t recognize them as real for the moment.You have to find a way to show it that what you want to do is real and you’re trying to get there.

For example if you want to work with your heart chakra,the first step is to recognize that it’s there already but for some reason you can’t feel it.Then the question will transfer on ‘‘how to feel it’’ and not on’‘how is it real if i can’t feel it?’’

Sooner or later the gates between you and your energy body will open.And trust me it’s very real.It took me almost 3 months of everyday practise to feel just a tiny movement but from there it gets easy.

To be completely honest a good magickal foundation starts with meditations and learning how to move energy through your body. Tai chi is a great way to learn how to move energies and there is a plethora of meditations out there to attune you with certain energies. And i agree summoning any entity would be a good place to start as long as you are open to the idea and know how to at least sense a change it and most people instinctively do.

All of this advice is good. I would also recommend some stone and crystal work. This will hep you connect withe the nature (natural) based energies and help you get in touch with your bodies oun wave length of energy. (Your oun natural vibration.)