Energy work and magic

This question goes out to the experienced magicians. Have you had noticeable improvements in your magical rituals, especially evocations, after practicing energy work such as the techniques taught by Robert Bruce?

They’re mandatory prerequisites.

Never practiced anything from Robert Bruce, but daily energy work (even just 25-30 minutes) helps tremendously.

I find it helps a lot. I am still new to the occult and the art of evocation but I have worked with energy for quite some time. I Like the Hemi sync stuff that comes out of the Monroe Institute. Energy work and magick go hand and hand. I can get you a link to so hemi sync stuff if you pm me.


Thanks for the input everyone. Orismen, does your energy work practices come from a particular source or is it something that you’ve patched together over time?

Icedrac, I actually have those CDs stashed somewhere, but thanks for the offer.

I think a lot of people might overlook the value of energy work in magic. Keep the comments rolling!

I started doing the middle pillar, but got into Jason Miller’s pillars and spheres, and pore breathing.

So half and half.

Apart from m.p and those of its ilk… Me thinks qigong should be a part of every mage’s repetoire

I am going to see what kind of improvements I get with my ritual work by using some of the techniques from the book “energy work”. I’ve done the practices in the past, and you can feel something going on when you do them. I am betting that daily practice for a couple of weeks will give noticeable improvement to my evocation efforts.

I did a good, solid 30 minutes of energy body work as described in Robert Bruce’s book. A few minutes after that, as I was sitting there in a slight daze, I heard a “bang!”, Like some hitting their fist on a cheap wooden door. After a couple of seconds, I realized it was in my head. That was pretty neat! I will consider it to be a sign of progress. Lol.

At least it seems to be in the direction you were seeking :slight_smile: (definition of progress, vs going the “wrong” way)… trick being to see if you integrate it into your on-going… (a possible thread that might ReVeal: was the Mind that the “bang”… the same mind that was sitting there? a sense of ? perhaps not… but could indicate a new-doorway… also if you recognize the Affect of that ‘slight daze’ [a part that was waking-up, as Normal-mind was giving room-to-operate?]
even if, likely, above doesn’t apply, might reveal fruitful windows… luck

Yes indeed. Energy work is indeed an integral part of magickal development. Essentially harnessing your own energy, and the external energies surrounding you are the hub of the sorcerous wheel. The methods chosen are so vast that it is almost irrelevant which methods are used. Robert Bruce’s methods do well to strengthen and develop the energy bodies. I will post a few methods I suggested to someone who once asked which energy exercises they should use. These are just random examples I cooked up through intuition really. You can use your own inspiration and do the same…

any suggestions for qi gong? videos, links, books would be appreciated. i really like tai chi and qi gong is basically the same. thanks in advance!

any suggestions for qi gong? videos, links, books would be appreciated. i really like tai chi and qi gong is basically the same. thanks in advance![/quote] For a complete beginner . Spring forest qigong level 1 as taught by master chunyi lin. A hundred days of daily practice to replenish what you’ve lost … Also if you want to go hardcore (like I did) be celibate for that initial 100 days. Then you can decide where you want to go next… Recommended : yang jwing ming ,michael winn &mantiak chia esp. Awaken healing light book or taoist secrets , terry dunn flying phoenix qigong… S.f.q level 1 looks simple but is actually a complete system . If you got to choose one thing though, you can never go wrong with "the microcosmic orbit qigong " referred to as "small universe " in sfq level 1…it opened up a whole new world to me. Hope that helps .

Energy work lays the foundation to understanding and control ~ it is mega-essential…Its amazing how many so-called books of magic don’t emphasize this

i’m doing energy work almost everyday.I’m at the point that i can stimulate various parts of the physical body and i’m starting to feel the current of the middle pillar circulation.I can’t feel that much the downfall current but it’s fine with the upward.The feeling i get is like goosebumps from a favourite song with me orchestrate the movement from here to there etc.
Chakra stimulation is also in my routine but energy circuits like MP is what makes me really feel great.

Also i’m not experienced in magic in general :slight_smile:

For me, energy work has caused a lot of heavy improvements all around, not just for magical work. One thing that I do like is that it seems to make things work on auto pilot a lot easier and smoother (boosts in sudden intuitive guidance, more premonitions in dreams, and a few other bits of fun stuff!)

I would say that it has also helped me figure out easier ritual techniques… I used to struggle with putting my mind out of the ritual once it’s complete… Now I do a thing where instead of visualizing the thoughts go away, I use a breathing technique to help “push” the thoughts into the universe through my mouth, instead of visualizing it flowing from my eyes (well, I still do that from time to time) and I noticed this actually has caused results to manifest much more quickly! Life is breath <3

In my view when the energy bar is raising,the fear factor is lowering and this can give a great effect in any kind of work.Fear and doubts can’t find their way easily when the energy levels are high.

I have been doing energy work quasi-steadily for a couple of weeks now. I have not attempted any ritual work yet, but I can definitely feel a difference in my personal energy after doing the exercises… And I have been “seeing things” in my peripheral vision much more frequently since I started doing the exercises. That is pretty cool. Lol.