Energy work - a strange experience

Many years ago I found in a thrift store a small booklet about energies and auras. There were some aura visualisation exercises which I tried and realised i can ‘see’. This was basically the beginning of my incursion into magic.
Ever since I usually do this from time to time, i scan people only when i feel curious about them, but mostly avoid it, i don’t really want to pick up people’s energies.

This evening I did my ‘chat’ session with Belial. In the morning I felt his presence, a response to a petition i did earlier; indeed, he orchestrated some things and the people bothering me are now busy with sudden bad news in their lives.

Candle was burning and i put my palms up and talked to Belial, my wish was to see him and feel him. The energy shifted and i could feel him, continued to stare at my hands…and it became more intense. Strangely, i saw not two but four thumbs. All moving in synchronicity. I could see them clearly, even after changing eye focus a few times.

It never happened before. I have experienced OBE, it even happened that my body woke up before i was back and that’s a rather sudden wake. And once (the only time) i smoked weed I saw myself from outside my body, i was in and out, no idea for how long.

So, the four thumbs…was that similar to OBE? I don’t feel drained or nausea, just a bit light headed, my negative emotions are gone.


These might help They are all FREE I promise


@jbkbmz Thanks for the links :slight_smile:


Thank you for the links. :smiley:

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