Energy with working with different spirits?

Ok so ive worked with two different spirits and they brought me guys who i knew but never liked them before and they never liked me either until i started working love magic but over the past year i feel this un natural jealousy and anger towards women these guys have been with or flirt with now
Is this from the spirits energy?

Probably not, I think it’s likely this is the energy you are surrounding yourself with. It’s a side effect sometimes of love/lust spells that they affect you too, to the point of making some people obsessed with the target. You can also get energy biuncing back to you when it’s rejected by targets.

A good banishing and cleansing after the workings should help. Kind of like you have to hex break the effect on you.

The thing is it was not directed at a specific target
The work was to make me more atttactive and magnetic

As @Mulberry said, love spells can bounce back toward you and have effects you didn’t anticipate based on the energy you give out.

What was the motivation behind the spell? Have you been obsessing over the results? Obsession and jealousy go hand in hand. Was your motivation to do this a positive one or not? Maybe the spirits you worked with are trying to show you something. Maybe this is just a reflection of where your head was at the time you cast the spell

I’m not saying this is it, I’m far expert in these matters. But as with most things, going back to the start and working things out can always help. Maybe even going back to the spirits you worked with and asking them what’s happening if that’s an option.

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It was not a specific person it was an attraction spell so i can attract people and be more magnetic to people i meet

That doesn’t change the fact that you a) can obsess over the result of the spell, b) the spell can have unintended consequences, c) this side effect could be the result of where you were mentally when you cast the spell, or d) the spirits you worked with could be trying to teach you something.

This is why, just like when you’re trying to find something you’ve lost, you should work backwards and go through your steps to find what you’re looking for. And if that doesn’t work, ask the spirits you worked with.

EDIT: the people here (most of whom are far more knowledgeable than I) can only guess and tell you so much about what the issue is.