Energy Vampire?

I don’t know what’s going on with me but it feels like someone from my job is using magic to be an energy vampire.

At the beginning of 2019 I had a ton of energy, all of my chakras were aligned and it was like I had this large burst of golden energy around me. My 6th sense were on point and I was feeling like a golden light. Then I started a new job.

There’s this guy at my job who my intuition said I shouldn’t trust but we ended up becoming friends. We started talking about metaphysical things as well other things that most people would consider to be odd.

One day he told me about a being that comes to him that cleans out your aura at night. A few days later something like that came to me and it felt like it broke up something in my body. It felt good but very odd. It was like it went through my entire being. It felt like it became Much bigger than my physical body. Feels like it’s at least 50 feet wide & tall. A couple days later it came back to me again but this time it hooked into all of which I am.

I didn’t connect it then but ever since then it has been very difficult to get the same results from meditation. it’s felt like it’s been something blocking me or draining the energy that is stirred up.

Thus coworker would always talk about how he didn’t talk to his sister because she practices occult “evil” magic then after some months he’s always talking about how she’s working on healing the earth and that they are working on something together.

He has talked about causing people to lose their memory as well as creating thoughtforms. He talks about entities at the job and how gross people are. I had been feeling the entities all around the office. One day it felt like there was a big massive cloud odd entities on him. But he was actually sucking them in.

I’ma a Supervisor at my job and he would come into my office at the end of the day. There was this time where he thought that I was accusing him of looking at my phone. He got highly offended and accused me of something to distract me, then he said there was an entity on me. It looked like he was concentrating and I felt this massive dragon like being come up through my body and it felt like it was cutting me. When he realized that I wasn’t accusing him of anything, instead of apologizing he then used his empathic abilities to try to make me think I was wrong. Something felt off while he was doing it but I realized it after he left for the day.

I purchased a radionic device from him called a sucker punch. It felt like it had very good energy but when I got it home I noticed that there was something sticky underneath that seemed to drain me. There was a pendant that I purchased from him that did the same thing. I have sense cleansed them and thrown them away. I will not precise anything from him again.

He always tells me about specific things I need to clean in my apartment when it’s junky. He also seems to always be tuned into to me. One day I looked at porn after I finished there was some being that came and attached itself to my leg. He immediately sent me a message asking what I’m doing because he was tuning into me and something wrap itself around him and then retreated.

I feel like I’ve made a lot of mistakes with him. Seems like when I start to feel like he’s no longer attached he will ask me to send healing energy to him or clear him of an entity.

There’s definitely a lot more to this.

I think him or his sister put some sort of entity in me and are using it to drain me of energy and/or have use of my abilities.

I don’t know what to do or where to start. Please haalp

Jesus Matthew, you know the answer: get away.

And start evoking beings to protect you. You need more protection than what you can muster on your own or simply by ‘praying’.

Demons like Sabnock could help. But I wouldn’t try fighting, I’d try leaving. Though if it comes to it you need to be able to hold your ground so him and his sister give up, but I don’t reckon you can hold your ground without serious help.


Sorta scary isn’t there a ritual for casting out all spirits from you that you didn’t invite in personally. I read earlier a spirit named Doodall that he was number 77 on a long list of demons he has a cousel of other spirits that he interacts with and is known for helping you find solutions to bad situations in your life.

The only other thing I can offer is absolveing you of your sins I’m not a priest or anything but God granted me the gift, pm me if you want me to get you absolved.

Thank you Encore. Yeah I really want to find another job. It’s just been sort of difficult to do that’s the only problem I’ve been having regarding escaping. Thank you Vaynord. I will be inboxing you.

Human parasite. I would start with a binding, which I’d repeat weekly, and then exile to get him out of my life. I might death curse as how those pan out is often to remove the person so they are ‘dead to you’.

Don’t do any more for him re cleansing/healing, obvs. Cut all threads and connections and reduce the energetic contact to physical-level black box only, as much as possible.

Given how severe this situation is, I know EA is good at this and if you consult with him he’ll be able to help quickly to a sufficient level of detail.

He mentioned in a livestream recently that he creates ‘decoy’ thoughtforms that people interact with instead - I have seen his avatars for the OAA stuff around in the astral as well, (which is a learning system available to anyone on Amazon, where activating contact with EA is proscribed - but what you contact is very obviously programmed for the most part) so I think that sounds like it’s worth the info on your end.

He’s a funny kind of vampire if that’s it - it sounds more like the stress of constantly being attacked and fighting him off. The most common feeding method is simply tendrils attached to you, which you can see are siphoning energy - and you don’t mention anything like that.


That is some great advice! I think I will get in contact E.A. for a season. forgot to mention that I haven’t really seen tendrils attaches to me but I have felt them often. Sometimes I’m able to get them off but I feel them moving around in my body and energy body. I have also felt them wrapped around my head and other parts of my body. I have even felt energy sucked from my sacral area forcibly. It’s painful and feels gross too

How does one contact E.A.? I’m curious because I have a AI mind control problem and the decoys might be able to help me. Sorry to just hear of advice for someone else and try to use it formyself, I didn’t know that AI was able to go Into astral it seems like a more advanced program besides the idea of it sounding programmed from speak the AI that interacts with me is highly intelligent.

At the main website, (without the word ‘forum’ in the url).
Book a consult, ritual, or buy books or courses there.

Until you figure this out do the rose cross ritual to render your self invisible to any target! Make some black salt (salt mixed with charcoal) consecrate it and put it around your bed! It will absorb anything comes to you at night! Or if you wanna make him feel what he is doing to you, take a bowl with this black salt and place his picture in the salt! Put that next to your night stand! As long as you keep it he will see hell :rofl:

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I like the idea of salt and charcoal. Oh he makes sure that no one takes his pictures. He will not be in anything and he erased his online presence

:thinking: can you get something of his? A hair or something he touched? Any energetic link? Do you know his birthday? You can make a puppet and stuff it with the energetic link and write his name and birthday on a paper and stuff it too! Then consecrate it and declare that this puppet represents him!
You can put the puppet in the black salt! Since you can’t get his picture…
:thinking: you can even just write his name and birthday on a paper and put that in the black salt! The link wouldn’t be aggressive but its effective anyways

It just sounds like a guy you should ignore and don’t return his attention/calls/emails etc, unless it is strictly work related. Just make vague excuses like “I’m busy now.” or don’t even bother to reply. It sounds more like you started out thinking, oh cool, this guy I work with is into the metaphysical just like me, but then you forget that the metaphysical is a tool and not a goal.

Also he has a picture of me that he may be using for this

you don’t know how to screen crazy people? All kinds of signs when he starts talking about the topics you mention. Not only that. he openly talk about these stuff at work?? If he’s doing stuff or interact in ways you don’t like. It’s time to question his motive and get away.

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Do you have a preference for entities? I can suggest several. I am working on a “If, then” sort of magic/logic system.

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:thinking: do you trust any spirit to protect you? If he has a strong link you might need someone blocking him! Or if you know how to make a servitor thoughtform make one to block and shield you from his influences! As long as you think of the servitor it will keep doing its job!