Energy talisman to automatically draw in good energy?

Would something like a Kabbalah red string draw energy into me?

If I understand it correctly, a red string with a white cored is worn on the left wrist. The red string draws all the bad energy sent your way. (either on purpose or by accident). Next the white string inside the red string cleans the energy.
Does that cleaned energy then become available to you.

I have low energy. So I am wondering if I can get some sort of “Red String” or talisman that would help pump up my levels a little bit.
I think I was how a spiral can be used to pull in energy (also, how a spiral going the other way, can push out bad energy).

Anyway, the problem is low energy and I am just learning to meditate, so that doesn’t really generate a lot of energy for me, so how can I increase my energy levels.