Energy sensing

I have been feeling very drained inspite of grounding myself since the last two weeks.Also,from the last 3 days I have been very scared to stay in the dark.I feel like someone is right behind me.Headache 24*7.I have never felt this and now I am worried.
Someone psychic enough to tap into my energy and see what the heck is wrong with me?
Please help me if you can.

Not very experienced with it but I tried I seen somthing that was like burn scars over it’s whole body had no hair no horns and looked over at me when I was trying to sense o see what was with you, I felt a slight sense of energy flux slightly uneasy once it looked at me.

So maybe not burn scars but sorta looked like that the flesh all being scared or sonthin like that bumpy.

I do want to point out it wasn’t attached to you like most parasites are it was just standing behind my shaded out image for you. Ok think I know what to compair it with for look remeber pans labaryth the thing that had it’s eyes in its hands it looked like that but had it’s eyes in its head.

Do you know any good Banishment rituals?

When doin the banishment ask the spirits or angel who ever your calling upon to directly help you becuase there’s a spirit attacking you.

When I sensed so thing at my side that was feeding from my arm all I did was call upon Uriel and he watched it for a moment then killed the spirit that was feeding on me then a nest of them appeared lol and yes I called more angels to make it safe for him, anyways calling on them helped.

I’d remake this page with another title sonthing that doesn’t sound like your asking for tips about how to sense energy that’s what I was expecting.

So I tried scanning ou again at 2:04 am pacific west ou were looking around like crazy until I said I was from Balg then I tried o see the attacker again and it seemed to just be hiding out in the darkness a cloud of darkness behind you It was inside of it. Anyways yea doa banishment a few times and might even have to fight it, the Demon Yeesch helps out people in this situation he specializes in this type of thing.

Typically when I see a parasite and it sees me or sonthinbi that sorts I Neve remeber getting the uneasy feeling or noticing the energy change befor might not by the basic parasite. Either way make sure your doing the bathing cleansing tech when ou bath and stuff like that picture the water lighting up and cleansing the negativity from you and near you.

Ps I never got an actualy image of you just a one colored figure that had no detail so I didnvget to deep on our energy. Anyways this is the last post for me I less you respond lol, but yea rename the page like what kind of spirit or demon is this? Then ask for help identifing and fighting I people are willing I’m not that good at fighting yet myself I’m still fairly new to magical practicing gotta get my experience though. I tried sensei again and this time it was like on your back touching you. I’m trying a bit to scare it away or to hurt it but I dunno how good I’m connectiv to it I dog see I as cleaR as I did when I first seen it.

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Please suggest how to banish.I don’t work with angels.Shall I call on Archangel Michael for help?:sob::sob::sob::sob:I am so blocked (I am clairoaudient)these days I can’t sense/hear any demon/angel I call on.

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how do I rename it

So check into the LBRP lesser banishment ritual of the pentagram,. But you’ll need to read the angels names in Hebrew o ge a stronger connection to them. There’s another banishment I can share with you that could help it’s been simplified alot in the version I have I’ll have to pm it to our because I don’t have the source on hand can’t remeber the author or book title.

Do you have good visualization skills if you do you might wanna use the LBRP if ou don this one I know might help it uses some o the same angels.

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I think the thread has been open for to lo think you can only edit it if it’s only been here 30 mins but I can see if @Keteriya is willing to change the name o sonthing others might notice better.


Yes please send it in the dm.:sob:

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Lucky ou about bei clair audio, I’d do a complete set of meditations on your chakras o try to undo some of the damage it caused and give you a better hance to reach others, do ou still sense them or see a figure representing them or are you that drained you no longer feel there presence or see an image and used to befor.

Do you have Incents? Frankincense and myrrh both help to cleanse so does Sage Sage is great for this kindo thing it’s the go o for alot of people they just say there banishing words and conver the house smudgeing o get rid of it.

There’s another banishment that uses a glass bowl full o salt water with a black candle from an infernal book the candle gives the demon a place to exscape o when you banish I buy stops things from coming through to you through the flame useinvthe water and salt.

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I actually read tarot.So yesterday I tried to read tarot and although it was accurate,it was more like the general meaning of cards than me hearing things.Usually I base my reading on random things I hear about the person while doing the readings and my intuition.

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I was trying to channel but I couldn’t.I knew something was blocking me.Plus,the fear.I feel like something is definitely wrong.

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I wish I Hurd you you do lol, anyways yea I seen the pm with the Hebrew names and a shelf that shows what angel you do in what direction I wrote what order you call upon the angels in. This a relatively very short banishment and good to o oftenly I actually have the circle image I sent with the names written with the order in numbers written on in in my back left pockebi need to re make one though it’s getting worn out and I haven’t do e it often enough.

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What’s it need changed to? Sorry kids today so been sleeping.

I second the banishment recommendation. LBRP would be a great one to learn in general. I have a thread here called the circle of black flames that would also serve as a banishment, as well as a ward. I believe we have stuff on wards in our tutorial thread as well as some other banishment techniques if i recall correctly

After it is done and you are feeling better, you should look into our threads on imposter and parasite spirits as what you are describing are some common symptoms of them if these only emerged after the channeling attempt


I dont know if there still here I sent them the banishment you sent me they said they would do later today and let me know how it went, I made sure I stressed the importance of doing the Hebrew reading o names too to gevthe connection better. I think the name should be like sonthin about asking for scan to identify the spirit messing draining them. The title just doesn’t sound like it’s goin o be anything like what it was I thought it would be tips of senseing energy.
They gave the ok to change title so just hangs it a bit hopefully they are doing the mini ritual you shared I pm’d it since I didn’t want to post copywrite and have to do a sourcing I’m bad at remembering to do that so I just remember to pm me lol.

Anyways glad you got kiddo time were you impressed with the ring for your girl? I actually found a ring that said size was 3/4 so I went with that since that’s what you wrote lol you knew the perfect size :joy:.

When I sensed the spirit after him I actually go a small sense of it’s energy when it looked at me.

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Sounds like a busy day even going fishing nice.
So likei said I didn get the most pretty ri g had trouble finding a good looking silver ring with a real red gemstone in it lol I should have shopped more but hope you like it. Does it fit on a appropriate finger?

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