Energy Scan? (Entity Attachment) Trolls, Vampires, Shadow people...Elementals?

I hope I got the right category, we really ought to change the energy scan thread to an actual category section.

Anyways I have been having this entity attachment that is vamping on my energy for a while now.
I think this might be the same thing I got Belial to fix originally coming back.

I am getting read to most likely work with him again.

But anyways.

I noticed it for a short time just before we stopped working together for a wile there.

This might mess up the scan but I was told it was a troll being.
Which is mostly what I had since been thinking.

Angels don’t seem to remove it for very long and it just comes back the second the angels leave.

One of my familiars was telling me something about shadow people. Which might be something different or might not be.

Mostly I see it as a troll when I try to sense it now.

Wants me to live alone in the dark, not sleeping really, going crazy, try’s to take energy out of my heart when I try to send, started blocking energy when I start receiving back.

It seems to get only more powerful the more I try to fight it.

Started ripping my soul out of me through my heart astrally.

I haven’t officially called Belial and gave my offering but I can already feel him working on me.
I feel Belial countering him with a demonic protection shield every time it tries to get in.

But now he is going for my solar and sacrals.

I felt energy wrap around me in my insides that hurts.
But I think that may just be Belial or my familiar gave me some sort of astral potion to drink so I dunno.

I think it might be a pissed off elemental, like aren’t trolls usually in the Earth elemental category?

That might be why I can’t get angels to remove it cause it wouldn’t be classified as an evil entity under there jurisdictions.

I also hear you can’t fight against an elemental because it only makes them grow stronger.

I hear you are supposed to not feed elementals to dis empower them but I’m not entirely sure how not to feed this troll?

Any thoughts?

I thought I would add one more thing and attempt to simplify things just a bit as this is kind of long.
But if this is an elemental is there anything I can do? Or will about anything I try to do just make it stronger? Is it possible to create your own elementals? in which case, could this be another attack from my long time lover / nemesis?

this is like me with my succubus

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