Energy ritual

Start by creating a high energy space, you can light incense and light various candles, you can stand in a circle, use mantra’s to heighten the vibrations of the space, play some ritual music this is what i use it works extremely well.

Then create a circle with energy from your solar plexus just by feeling and pushing and visualizing the fiery energy of your solar plexus down your right arm out of your index and middle finger into the ground then walk clockwise in a circle.

Use the prayer mudra to the circle you stand in and vibrate

" OM " over and over again, then sit down and create a energy ball, imbue energy into it from every chakra, then visualize inside of it a spinning vortex solidify this energy ball and hold it above your head and visualize a golden light enter the ceiling and as you inhale pull that light into the ball.

Then vibrate the mantra " HELIO ", now focus on that energy ball squeeze it flat until it becomes a energy disk and spins like a vortex, visualize it become blue, red, green, orange, purple, black, white, pink, brown etc.

Once it has shifted to every color then breathe and pass on your breath into that spinning energy vortex, push this vortex in front of you, feel and visualize all energy around you being consumed by your Zeal chakra then breathe that white light down your arm into the vortex.

Then focus on that spinning vortex, then visualize all the energetic particles ignite before you with white fire, then push your will and visualize these particles being consumed by the vortex, feeding off it as fuel.

Now feel the vortex build critical mass, meditate on it and even scry into the air where it would be.

Next Pull earth energy up through your feet, then expel it through your hands into the vortex balancing it out.

Now will it and visualize it shrink and condense the energy and power of the vortex, then hold it to your chest level and push it inside of your heart chaka, feel the vortex spin in the center of your chest then as you breathe feel all the energy of creation flow into you, until it keeps consuming power even without breathing.

Then visualize that energy become sacred ash and breathe it into your subtle bodies then ground those energies.

Try it Post your experiences below …

Conner Kendall.


Lol i feel like im fresh out a buddhist temple where ive been sitting under the Bohdi tree

Awesome stuff man

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I just gave this a try and as I was at the vortex part, scrying its position, I could see the vibrations in the air around where it was spinning. Quite an experience in my opinion.

While I am not well versed in chakras, and I will return to this when I am, I feel at peace. Very relaxed and very positive.


Great brother glad you found some result in this

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Thank you for the opportunity.

Crystals here would help as well, particularly selenite and clear quartz

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The two crystals we both stock up on the most.

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Such Raw Amazing Talent. thx again Professor CK~ *my official new title 4such a illuminated mind☆

Solar Abundance

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