Energy Related Question

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I got two questions about energy.

Q1 I have some sigil pendants of Goetic Demons, when i hold one of those pendants in my hand i will feel a energy shift. If i then would pick up and hold another sigil pendant I would feel a different energy frequency. I would assume by i holding a Demonic sigil pendant i am connecting with that Demon. Is this true? or could there still be room for a imposter to interfere?

Q2 Is there a way i could use my clair of sensing energy as a divination tool for yes and no questions? Normally we concecrate our divination tools, how can i concecrate my energy body in such a way. that when i am contact with a Goetic Demon no other consciousness can interfere when i use energy as a divination tool.

Clear-knowing is a form of Clair so in a sense yes you can towards Q2

you mean claircognizant right? doesn’t that clair relates to suddenly knowing stuff? :thinking:

In a way yes and it would theoretically make divination of yes and no possible.

okidoki thanks i will investigate futher, Do got some insights on Q1?

Well the well known goetic sigils can have other things latched to it since it’s been used for years now, but even then casting a circle or shield that banishes imposters helps to further make sure you get the exact entity you called on.

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