Energy raising technique for spell casting or evocation

Here’s a simple way to raise energy prior to spellcasting or evocation, don’t let its simplicity fool you, it’s quite effective in my experience.


  • 1 black candle

How it’s done

Begin by entering the Theta Gamma state or your preferred trance state prior to ritual.
Hold the candle in between your hands and look into the flame.
Truly connect to the candle let it be an extension of your body.
Once you feel this deep connection begin to visualize a violet aura envelop the candle, a very intense violet try and see this aura in your vision.
When you have a clear vision of the Violet aura enveloping the candle, begin to see the violet grow larger spreading onto your body, and eventually swallowing your entire body, within this intense violet energy see within the energy different symbols that represent power, or the spirit you are evoking.

Feel the raw power enveloping you, and let it grow until you no longer can push it anymore. Visualization is key in this technique try to see the energy as much as you visibly can, eventually, the energy will become visible for the individuals on here who have sharpened their astral senses, enjoy.


I don’t have any candles so…
Can I just eyes-closed visualize a black candle with a purple flame?